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  1. Hi Jack Awesome... That's saved me a few hours of headscratching... BTW, I checked the source code. It was an interesting experience to see how code SHOULD be written
  2. What is the simplest way to get a reference to the manager from an item (that is managed) ie I have several managers... add an item to a manager, then later I have an action from that item, and want to get a reference to its manager (parent?) Any ideas? Thanks Jason
  3. Hi The crashing has been soled. I disabled "cacheAsBitmap" Not sure if this is general, or just that I was doing it over-zealously? Will post more when I know more Thx jason
  4. And in terms of memory, no more than a MB
  5. Huge? Not really 960x540 Is that too big?
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with motionBlur plugin crashing Flash ? I am getting this adl(479,0xa09d3540) malloc: *** mmap(size=1723478016) failed (error code=12) *** error: can't allocate region *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug adl(479,0xa09d3540) malloc: *** mmap(size=1723478016) failed (error code=12) *** error: can't allocate region *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug error: out of memory Haven't done much research as yet - this only started this morning. It only happens in one app, so I must have a goof in my code. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem ? Thx Jason
  7. Hi Jack Have sorted all my 'problems' Thanks for the help Just one thing for anyone lookign for it, something that I got stuck on tonight - dropShadow in the Flash IDE has no alpha... the Tween plugin here has alpha's default set to 0... I had assumed it would default to 1, so when I did not specify the drop shadow was mysteriously not being applied. My goof, the docs state that alpha :Number [0] Best Jason
  8. Hi Jack Here you go When the shadow is on the object that is 'managed', all is fine When the drop shadow is on a child of the managed object, things go awry ! Best Jason
  9. Hi Jack The new crop functionality is great. BUT when I have a drop shadow on an object that is a child of the managed item, the crop functionality does not allow for the drop shadow, and cuts it off... Any way you can have crop account for drop shadows ? Best Jason PS : This change you just made : Crop and allowDelete Is something I hadn't noticed, but was about to come up against. Thanks !
  10. Hi Has anyone used Greensock for loading JSON ? i have a client wanting to use JSON, and bieng very 'Green' in both senses of the word, would prefer to use Greensock than the examples I found on the web. best Jason
  11. Hi Jack Thank you for your speedy reply That nailed it. There are days (or rather evenings and caffeine-fueled nights) when it all seems so complex. When it isn't. Best Jason
  12. Hi Jack I tried that, but get the same issue - until there is a mouse click, the listeners don't kick in... From what I can see, it is only after the mouse click event that my custom events start firing / being received correctly. Whether the rawContent stays in the SWFLoader or is added as a child Here is a simple mock up... I would really appreciate any pointers you can give. I imagine there is simply something I haven't understood in custom events. But I am flummoxed as to what. Thanks Jason
  13. Hi I am trying (without success) to dispatch a series of custom events fro within an swf loaded using LoaderMax. I place the event listsners in the class that is loading the swf (call this parent)... addEventListener(GameEvent.SCORE_UPDATED, gameScoreUpdated) addEventListener(GameEvent.START, startGame) addEventListener(GameEvent.START_TURN, startTurn) addEventListener(GameEvent.COMPLETE_TURN, completeTurn) addEventListener(GameEvent.INIT, initGame) And place the dispatchEvent in the SWF that is loaded (call this child): dispatchEvent(new GameEvent(GameEvent.START)); dispatchEvent(new GameEvent(GameEvent.SCORE_UPDATED)); Etc etc What is driving me nuts is that the only events that the parent movie is capturing are those that happen when the mouse is clicked. The custom event bubbles public class GameEvent extends Event { /** @private **/ public static const VERSION:Number = 1.0; public static const INIT:String = "init"; public static const START:String = "start"; public static const COMPLETE:String = "complete"; public static const START_TURN:String = "startTurn"; public static const COMPLETE_TURN:String = "completeTurn"; public static const SCORE_UPDATED:String = "scoreUpdated"; public function GameEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean = true, cancelable:Boolean = false) { super(type, bubbles, cancelable); } public override function clone():Event { return new GameEvent(this.type, this.bubbles, this.cancelable); } } I cant see why my 'global, parent listener) is not capturing the events when the child class inits, starts etc... and yet DOES capture the custom events that are part of a mouse click event in the child (if that makes sense) Any pointers greatly appreciated ! Thx Jason
  14. Hi again In fact, this would be even easier if I could seperate sound from video Is there any way to use sourceSnd.extract on an FLV ? Thx Jason
  15. Hi Using userQueue.getLoader("userMP3").channel.leftPeak on an MP3Loader to access the leftPeak Can't do userQueue.getLoader("userFLV").channel.leftPeak on a VideoLoader What can I do to get left and right peaks on the audio of a videoLoader ??? Thx Jason
  16. hi Jack I am sure it ain't easy to implement BUT, shoudl the urge take you, I would add my 'vote' for this functionality... if my vote counts for anything
  17. Hi Jack Using the VideoLoader today. addASCuePoint has saved me hours today ! Jolly nice. Thank you ! There's a typo in the docs which threw me, though Looks like you saved me an hour or two... but could have saved me 5 minutes more "paramaters" should be "parameters" Best Jason
  18. You're the chief man, Jack Thanks
  19. Hi Jack Thanks for the answer. I Googled before posting, and it looked so complex that I wrote here hoping there was some hidden function/value in your code I could use. In the end, I am using an approximation. The exact length calculation is completely bonkers ! Thanks Jason
  20. Hi Jack I just used this var curveWidth = 300 var widthToUse = 200 //(this is actually variable and could be anything from 0 to 280) for (i=0; i { var myTimeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); myTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(bitmapArray[i], 1, {bezierThrough:[{x:curveWidth/2, y:-curveWidth/8}, {x:curveWidth, y:0}], orientToBezier:true, ease:Linear.easeNone})); myTimeline.gotoAndStop(Number(bitmapXArray[i]/widthToUse) ); } To place objects in my bitmapArray along a bezier curve without the bother of working anything out myself ! However, I need to know the length of the curve in order to center then all Any clues as to how I can get the length of that bezier curve ? Thx Jason
  21. Can you give an example of calling myFunction with params ? Thanks Jason
  22. I didn't even know they had a docs generator - explain why there aren't examples in the docs. Moral of the story - USE THE DEMO SWFS More fool me. Thnaks