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  1. I see where your struggle is at, and I can see exactly what you mentioned in the site.

    One large thing that shouldn't be overlooked is the psychological aspect of confronting a challenge such as learning a new skill. Having someone provide even a tiny bit of encouragement and motivation can go a long way for their success. (Even simple motivational pictures posted each week can create the spark)

    Having an approachable image is your brands largest asset, and it's a large reason you have been so successful. I feel you should continue to embrace that angle with a lot of super simple downloadable .html pages (CodePen can be a little intimidating to those so green)  and encourage paid subscribers to ask questions and receive answers. I agree that the technical docs are needed, but not to lead with. Let them find those when they are ready.

    Have a Beginner section and an Advanced section.
    You sort of do this already with Lite and Max. Keep It Simple. 2 levels.

    I would archive the videos.

    Biggest thing, don't forget...a little encouragement and motivation from a brand can go a long way in helping others tackle a new skill, and if you help them do that, you gain a lifelong customer. Don't lose the personal aspect, it's your brand's largest asset. 


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