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  1. Hello, i'm starting with the Draggable https://greensock.com/docs/Utilities/Draggable plugin and this is my achievement by now I am trying to replicate this Drag & Drop Library: http://sunpietro.github.io/dragster/ -1) Pre-Drop-Hint -> Highlight the area where you gonna drop the element -2) Smooth drop animation -3) CloneBase -> Only draggable option / Copy elements from here, no possible to drop options -4) Move / Adapt column -> If we want to drop an element between 2, the column would be adapted -5) Trash zone -> Only drop
  2. @Carl was because of the packages, but i'll work this night on it, on post it here tomorrow, so hopefully i can get a solution for this. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello @OSUblake, did you find time to check the case recreated on github ? I kept trying without any success, kind of frustrated
  4. I checked the scroll-behavior and also tried without initialize Smooth Scrollbar (just in case something was messing behind scenes) but keeps calculating from the top: 0 everytime, not from the current offset
  5. I'm using Chrome last version anyway. i only have the Smooth Scrollbar in the main content of the web. not in the modal -> ScrollbarContainer. But i didn't destroy the instance, just locked it when i open the modal. Hmmm gonna check it right now.
  6. Hello, the autokill seems to work properly if -> i click before one ScrollTo ends, then go to the other element correctly. Otherwise seems to always start from the beginning And not, i'm not animating the scrollbar. I just to indicate which div hold the content and have the overflow-y: scroll Because this is a modal box So weird i updated the codepen to basically what i have in my project. But in codepen works and in my project do this weird jump. TweenLite.version "1.20.2" CSSPlugin.version "1.20.3" ScrollToPlugin.version "1.9.0" What kind
  7. I have this code when content load. And i have my .menu-content as a modal box. Position fixed, full screen with an inner scroll. And i have a bunch of anchor links targeting to a section block inside the .menu-content <a href='#section1'></a> <a href='#section2'></a> <a href='#section3'></a> <a href='#section4'></a> <div class='menu-content'> <section id='section1'>...lorem ipsum.....</section> <section id='section2'>...lorem ipsum.....</section> <section id='section3'>...lorem ipsum...
  8. I'm @hectorleon from the membership account, any idea about this ?