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  1. Thanks @Dipscom I'm currently merging multiple Js files into one minified version. I just tried to leave the SplitText minified file out of the merging but that didn't seem to affect the issue in any way, plus the copy is pulled in by an external file for dynamic content. I'm running out of time, even a workaround would help. I will flag it, but its a company system that relies on IE. Best
  2. Hi Both Thanks for the reply. I have no option, but to make sure it works even in IE10 on windows 7(Even if the problem persist in IE11), because the client uses such browser to review the display unit. I know it's outdated but it's not in my control. Anyway I have tried to put the source file(so not minified files) onto an FTP and the unit works properly, which made me think that the problem is in the compiling process rather than in the code it self. Have you ever came across such issue? Thanks again Best
  3. HI All I have an issue with IE10 using splitText. When using splitText in IE the <br> tag get's ignored, this becomes a problem especially when I apply different positioning to each line. Indeed without the correct line break, I can't target specific lines and change their position or other CSS values. I did try white-space but that doesn't seem to work. Can someone please help me?