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  1. May be its this cultural thing, but in my side of the world if you make a fool of someone and make them wait in a queue and dont reply, its natural to get a snarky question or worse, if they feel they will not be answered. After reading the reply from @Jack the Super-visor, it feels like I am a transit passenger waiting in line at the Houston International Airport for TSA screening. One of the 'friendliest and the most helpful' Airport in the world. -- "We are happy to welcome you to our Airport. Where Questions will be answered in the order they were recieved, snarky comments will be counterproductive to get the visa stamped to enter the region. Club members will get premium services, but our agents reserve the right to deny any and all services. A non refundable fee of $50 applies for applying for premium services. And if you dont cheer us at facebook in the last 20 years or if we find you did not promote us on social media, you can expect your application/questions rejected. " From a `Friendly and Helpful forum with a Friendly tone`, I was expecting @OSUBlake to fulfil his promise. OSUBlake promised a prompt reply on Tuesday. But as of Friday there were no replies. Aren't we all very busy ? Anyway, I am. If @OSUBlake is very busy why did he volunteer to post a reply "later today" ? He could have just said "I am a busy guy" and be done with it aye? Being polite was not enough, do these people need an extra serving of french fries or something to incite generosity despite being dishonest about their replies ?
  2. Does this really take this long to get an answer on the "great" and "friendly" GSAP forum ? Or did OSUBlake (superhero) got abducted or was asked to stand down ? This post will double as "mock test" for the GSAP forum. Test shows if it is really worth spending 50+ dollars and then face a sort of lock in. Guess, will have to repeat the test from a different IP address !
  3. Thanks for the reply. Its exactly what I am looking for. I believe I have a pretty good understanding of Javascript and am currently learning NodeJS and ReactJS when I stumbled upon GSAP on a youtube video. They say ReactJS can add elements to SVG just like it handles HTML ! Am so amazed what GSAP can do for SVG Animation with not too complicated javascript. I have not tried any SVG animation using Raphael, D3 or GSAP. So would also like to know if HTML5 drag and drop events (drag, dragstart, dragenter, dragend...) would work on SVG elements too ? Say if all the nodes and their connections can be stored in a JSON string/ Javascript Object, my biggest hurdle still is drawing these elastic lines from point 1 to point 2. Could you give any pointers about how to do this in GSAP ?
  4. New to GSAP How can I use GSAP to draw connectors like the ones seen in software applications that use node based editing ? Each node is like a box, when the user clicks, drags and drops from one node to another, a line connecting the two is created. how this can be done in GSAP for an SVG illustration ?