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    MorphSVG on click

    I sort of have to agree with @Dipscom But f*ck it, I was %$#@#$ starving and needed some fish... Now I know that getting the fish isn't as easy as it looks. So thats a step in the right direction at least.
  2. Bernt

    MorphSVG on click

    Jesus you guys are amazing. I'm getting there, like I said I'm pretty new to all this. So just wrapping my head around what is happening in the JS codes is enough to get me confused. Got the autoplay and click on body (not on a button) to work. Now all I need to figure out is the X,Y position and controlling the size of the paths and I have exactly what I was aiming for. (edit, so I finally figured out that the X,Y position can be controlled when exporting the SVG from illustrator. So now it works... Still trying to figure out how to control the size of the shapes) Thanks so much for all the replies. Very impressed!
  3. Bernt

    MorphSVG on click

    @PointC This is perfect! Thanks so much for the reply. I might be able to find it somewhere on the world wide web. But I'll ask here just incase I don't find anything. Two questions. 1. Is it possible to at edit the Y,X position of each shape, so that it moves to different parts of the screen on click? 2. Can i make the morphing play automatically?... Let say after 5 seconds, it would morph to the next shape with out having to click anywhere (but still keeping the click function)?
  4. Bernt

    MorphSVG on click

    Hi! New to this, well basically new to coding in general. Tried finding a similar project/post, but haven't found anything. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction I have four SVG shapes that i want to morph step by step. So: shape 0 > shape 1 > shape 2 > shape 3 > shape 0 (and loop). I want the shapes to loop, but also want to force jump to next shape on click. If that makes sense.