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  1. So I have two timelines: - masterTl - subTl (within masterTl) What i want to achieve: I would like my canvas element to be hidden, and set to visible on start of the animation. What i get: When I set visibility in CSS to hidden, and set it back to visible at the beginning of the timeline...: CSS: canvas { visibility: hidden; } JS: subTl .set(canvas, { visibility: 'visible' }) masterTl.add(subTl); ...it immediately sets visibility: 'visible', when the subTl has no {paused: true} set. If I set {paused: true} on
  2. I managed to make it work by extracting the animation into a function. As I am using React, I imported that function with the rest of the animation and called it in componentDidMount method. But, in the meantime I logged gsap globals, as you @OSUblake advised: console.log("GSAP Globals", window.com.greensock); and although I import only those: import { TimelineLite, CSSPlugin, Power2, Power3 } from 'gsap'; in the console, it logs everything! Whaaat? What is TweenMax and others not imported partials doing here?
  3. Hello The People of Greensock, I've been working with a static site generator for react lately - Gatsby.js. One of the components has a menu animation attached. In development the animation works just fine, but when deployed it just doesn't trigger. Code is bundled and minified with webpack. The weird thing is, GSAP loads up properly, the console is clear, no errors. It's hard to investigate more since code after minification and bundling is hard to read in chrome dev tools. :/ I'm not sure if this is related to my GSAP setup, but if anyone coul
  4. Ok , now it struck me. I got it xd Thanks!
  5. You see, even your way of explaining it includes a jQuery example. That's what i meant here. I know the comment is correct - the example it refers to could be more clear
  6. Hey, I'm new here. Digging the docs, i found this at the beginning, and I'm confused: The comment says something about the situation when jQuery is included, then uses regular DOM selector example. You don't actually need jQuery for selecting all the elements with specific class. So i propose to change this example . I believe this may be confusing for beginners like me. If you don't see it that way, just delete this topic and forget about it. PS Do you have docs open sourced for proposals of changes?