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  1. @Acccent haha thanks anyway! Also good point about the tween.
  2. @PointC Ah I didn't know that about the easing, that solves my problem, thanks! @Shaun Gorneau I did try this method first actually, but wanted the onComplete callback for other reasons in my code. But yes, otherwise this is probably the easiest option.
  3. I have a timeline animation with an onComplete function. In the timeline I have several overlap tweens, ie. load.to('#preloadLogo', 3,{autoAlpha: 1},"-=2") The "-=2" overlaps are causing the onComplete function to fire with a delay. In the codepen example, it takes several seconds for the heading to load. When the overlaps are removed, my onComplete function fires immediately (which is what I want). How can I make the onComplete fire right away, and still keep my timeline overlaps in tact?
  4. That's great! Thank you I added a couple Labels and an extra tween, and noticing the progress button won't work in this scenario. Essentially I'd like to click a "next" button and the circle move forward/backward along the line. It looks like I'm unable to tween that circle on the bezier line more than once. Is that right?
  5. Hi, I have a path with a circle going along it using MorphSVG with Bezier. When you press 'play', the circle follows the path to the end as expected. However, I want the circle to stop at the top of the curved line, so like 70% along the path. Is this possible? https://codepen.io/Carrly/pen/vpwBEW