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  1. Hi Carl, Thank you very much for your detailed answer! It is very usefull to get more insights rather than just get a solution. I am gonna apply your points to my code to benefit the performance. Also thanks for the pen your pointed out, I really like it's methods which I will implement into my code. Because I have to update continuously the boxes on every scroll movement I was thinking to use timelines for each box and update their progress to the required position without the duration parameter. By the way, am I correct that the greensock ticker function on the tick event does handle the throtteling, so there is no overlap in calling the passed function over and over? Cheers, Laszlo
  2. Hello! It's my first time useing the tick event provided by greensock, and i am having trouble to figure it out what i am missing in my code, because there are signs that something is not right. Well the concept is that there is a horizontal scrolling area (with iscroll.js), and during scrolling the upcomming element should scale up / animate to it's full size. I use the TweenMax.ticker.addEventListener('tick', myfunction) on line 312 to call the function which detects which box should be animated. On every tick event the selected box(es) properties get updated with TweenMax.set. The problem is that the performance is not right, there is a flickering during scrolling and in IE11 it is even worse (very jumpy). I have put together a fiddle to see it in action: https://jsfiddle.net/LaszloOveges/yykc0356/ Anyone has an idea what is wrong with this code? I would really appreciate any comment. Cheers, Laszlo