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  1. Thank You very much for your very exhaustive explanation. First of all I have to digest some concept regarding what You have done above, in order to make the animation that i want. I will work on it. Keep you updated if I will in trouble again. Regards, Dave
  2. Hi All! I'm a newbie and i hope somebody can help me regarding a matter. Here below a short explanation. I'm trying to create a Preloading animation using Gsap. As you can see i have created a little SVG sample, then i have animated It using a timeline (nothing complicate and i hope i did it in the right way): At this point i want something that work in this way: A percentage progress linked with the Timeline. I have tried in many ways but nothing seems to work as i want. I know that the solution require a Javascript code but i don't know how to put Javascript and Gsap together. I hope I was clear, Thanks in advance. Dave