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  1. hello i tried to pass custom parameters when an image is loaded with the imageLoader Class. it's possible to do that with onCompleteParams like i do it with TweenMax? thx!
  2. Hello Dr. Green I have to do a t-shirt designer app and fortunately your classes here are very handy - i hope. i haven't purchased yet because i want to check before if everything is possible what i want to: the client want a similar design like on this page http://www.spreadshirt.net . my question is: it's possible to make custom handles like on this page? thank you.
  3. yes, i expected this . ok. have to use pv3d...hope it exist an stable as2 version of it. thank you for your answer.
  4. hello i have an as2 project to finish and the client want a plane that rotate around the X axis. hm. unfortunately i cant use rotationx because its not a as3 project. i tried to yscale the plane to 0 and the again to 100 for an "pseudo 3d effect". doesnt looks realy good. i tried some stuff with the transform matrix but had no luck. is there a way to "taper" a clip to simulate the 3d effect? or somebody knows a better way to make a simple 3d rotation in as2 without papervision? found some crazy stuff/formulas but i thought maybee tweenmax can handle this for me thx
  5. Hello! Please look at this simple code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.easing.plugins.*; OverwriteManager.init(); timeline = new TimelineMax({repeat:1, repeatDelay: 3, yoyo: true, onComplete:nextStep}); timeline.append (TweenMax.to(mc,0.5,{_x: 400})) //other tweens function nextStep() { timeline.restart(); //do some stuff } somehow the clip is flickering when the animation restarts. why that? thx in advance.
  6. hmm...when the coder of a great tween-engine says - "it's really complex" then i think i have to abort this project... yes exactly. anzahl is 10. i tried some stuff with the tolerance that's because is 0.02. even when is ease: Linear.easeNone the clips are not aligned perfectly. and in fact, the client want an easing. these damn bezier. before tweenmax and the bezier-plugin i tried it manually to orient the clip with sin, cos and to rotate atan2. but had not really success. damn! damn client! have to do some research over the net. anyway thank you for your time! keep going your engine!
  7. hey thanks for the fast reply! yes. that is what i tried to. but somehow the clips are not align perfectly. dont know why. the progress is like you say 0.1 , 0.2, etc. but they are not aligned to evenly spaces. hm. dont know how the totalProgress works in a bezier. ex. is 0.5 really the middle of the whole curve? for (var i:int = 0 ; i { var myClip:mc = new mc; container.addChild(myClip); myTween = TweenMax.to(myClip,1, {bezierThrough:[{x:50, y:-200}, {x:100, y:-300}], orientToBezier:[["x","y","rotation",0,0.02]]}) myTween.pause(); TweenLite.to(myTween, 1, {totalProgress:(1/10)*i}) }
  8. hey! i want a smiliar effect like the snowleopard dock fan-menu. (http://www.lytebyte.com/wp-content/uplo ... ck-fan.jpg) the only thing i have is this: TweenMax.to(mc,0.75, {bezierThrough:[{x:mc.x, y:300}, {x:200, y:200}], orientToBezier:[["x","y","rotation",0,0.02]], ease:Quint.easeOut}) i dont know how to align the other 10 clips in this bezier because they all end in the same position. i tried stuff like totalProgress but had no success. tried now over 3h thanks