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  1. Ahhh yes, that makes a lot of sense. Very good to know, I don't think I would have come to understand that limitation anytime soon. Thank you greatly for your help, that is exactly the functionality I was trying to accomplish. Happy New Year!
  2. Well, from my understanding, the unset value allows the div to fill up whatever space is containing it, like water in a bottle. If it weren't for the wrapper, the div would fill the whole screen. I do understand that this seems a bit odd. Usually you would set width:"100%", I used "initial" and "inherit" as well, and it would accomplish the same thing. But those values cause similarly frustrating malfunctions, namely resizing the initial width and height of the retracted div after the animation has been played and reversed. One way or another you are spot on with my issue. It seems that the browser is taking some values and not refreshing them accordingly, no matter which way I am trying to accomplish this.
  3. Hi all! So I have my div, which grows to fill it's parent on click. When you first load the page, it works beautifully. Smooth and natural. But when I go to resize my browser the animation starts doing funny things. I have been wracking my brain on this for a week now and I'm just not understanding what the issue is. I've inspected and tinkered with nearly all the values and attributes in a ton of different combinations and I can't crack it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any and all help. I hope you've been having lovely holidays and have big things coming up for the New Year!
  4. These videos are bomb. And your example helped me fix my issue well. My .fromTo and .reverse() needed to be below my Tween and it works great now. I was defining too many variables and I lost sight of my goal. You really helped me get back to basics here. Thanks so much
  5. Hi all, My issue here is a bit two-fold. I've been making steady progress on this project, but I've hit another wall. The first issue is that since I've added my Timeline for the second animation, the animation opens immediately on browser load. The second issue is that my Timeline doesn't seem to be running the .fromTo() I've defined for it. So what I'm attempting here is to define the first animation, define the second animation, toggle the first with click, toggle the second with timeline onComplete of the first animation, and then to be able to reverse the whole sequence on click again. I've made a mess of my code I think and I'm having a hard time piecing it all together. I feel slightly bad about having so many questions/requests for assistance. If I'm asking an inappropriate amount or types of questions please feel free to let me know, I wouldn't want to violate any forum rules. Whatever you can help me with I will greatly appreciate and I thank you in advance.
  6. You're an absolute legend, works great. I'm starting to get the hang of this I think. Greensock is really a game changer, and as I am finding out this community is great too. Thanks so much @OSUblake! No more using plugins for me!
  7. Hi all, I need to reverse my div's animation to its original state on the click of the link. I've been reading that TimelineMax is the only way to do this? Will they work together in this context/is there a way to do this with just TweenMax/am I stuck in the woods? The reverse() function in TweenMax doesn't seem to really do anything besides stopping the animation from working altogether. I've tried using TweenMax.to in a separate instance that selects my .link class for the addEventListener( 'click', animate); to return the div to its former properties but that hasn't worked either. You can see my attempt in the pen. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
  8. You're the man! It works perfectly now! Thanks so much, happy coding
  9. Hi all, So I am attempting to make it so my child grows into its parent. I have my wrapper div's margins set to 5vw so that I have a perfect border all around my browser. The issue seems to be when I click the div and the animation starts, it ignores the margins set there and expands past the wrapper's containment field. What am I not seeing? Thanks in advance!