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  1. Problem is resolved. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi there everyone, I'm hoping to explain this as clear as possible. I have two buttons: one button Is for playing a tween between two certain labels inside a timeline. The second button is for canceling the tween from the first button, and starting a new timeline. var tween1Tl = new TimelineMax({ repeat: 0, paused: true}); tween1Tl .add("startLabel") .fromTo('#something', .5, {x:'-50', opacity:0}, {x:'0', opacity:1,ease: Power3.easeInOut}) .fromTo('#somethingElse', .5, {y:'-50', opacity:0}, {y:'0', opacity:1}) .add("halfwayLabel") .fromTo('#fooBar', .5, {scale:0, opacity:0}, {scale:1, opacity:1,ease: Power3.easeInOut}) .fromTo('#fooBar2', .5, {x:'-50', opacity:0}, {x:'0', opacity:1,ease: Power3.easeInOut}) .add("endLabel") ; $('#btn1').on('click touchstart', function() { tweenTest = Tween1Tl.tweenFromTo("halfwayLabel", "endLabel"); }); $('#btn2').on('click touchstart', function() { tweenTest.pause(0); tween2TL.play(); ; My problem: When I press btn2, I want tweenTest to fully stop and dissapear.. So actually to have it pause at "startLabel". As you can imagine, when I pause tweenTest right now, it pauses halfway, so the assets are still there.. I hope I've made my intentions clear and would love someone to help me out. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Carl, Thanks for your great reply, I could actually make it work which I want to thank you for. My only problem is, my scrollbar doesn't work right with this solution. I want to have both possibilities, using the scrollbar aswell as using the knob to scroll. Is there a way to make this work? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, In the codepen example that is provided, the knob and the scroll-bar are linked, which is what I want to accomplish for my project. The content area is also draggable by mouse, which I want to strip out of the code, but I can't seem to make it work.. In summary: i want the knob to link to the scrollbar of my page.. that's it. (So if the knob is fully rotated, the scrollbar is at the bottom of the page etc.). I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, Is there a way to make the Draggable knob link to the (browser) volume? https://greensock.com/throwpropsplugin I'd like to hear if there is. Thanks in advance!