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  1. I would like to be able to scale an element up when it is clicked on and have it center upon the point that was clicked. That centering piece is eluding me. Any assistance would be terrific. Thanks Scott
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    Mobile performance

    Hello, I am scoping out a project that an agency has done some initial specs for. The project involves a map of sorts, more or less a game map, that you can zoom in on and pan around on. Within the map are interactive elements that pull up information and other media. This needs to work across desktop, tablet and smartphones. The agency had recommended that we do two separate builds - one in Flash for desktop - another in html5/CSS3 for tablet/phone Their rationale was that we could not do a single build using Javascript to handle the animation because it would not perform adequately on mobile. I would prefer to do a single build using just gsap that would work on all devices (along with media queries, other responsive techniques). Do you feel that gsap could handle the animation adequately on smartphones? The animation does not seem like it should be very intense - basically tweening objects in scale and position. There would be other elements embedded in the main map being tweened, but we could find ways to hide or fake those until the tweens had completed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  3. Okay, my subject was totally warranted. You were right. I can't believe I blindly copied and pasted the example code without realizing it was using AS3 property names. I will now go hide in shame. Thanks for your help. Scott
  4. Here's the attachment. I think I browsed to it and never attached. My code is pretty much the same. I don;t think it has anything to do with my actionscript. Has to be something more obscure. Thanks Scott
  5. I've tried to get the most basic example of AS2 TweenLite working and no success. I DO understand imports and classpaths and instance names and write classes all the time, so this is nothing new to me. I've simplified this down to where my fla is in the same folder as the com folder and I am actually tracing that the methods in TweenLite.as are being called, but nothing is happening to the MovieClip on stage. I've attached what I have tried to get working... Would appreciate any help to get me past this hurdle and feeling so dumb. Thanks