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  1. @PointC, here is the final result, Craig if you're interested One moment in the middle is a bit too harsh but, probably, will be able to smoothen it a bit with timing for production. Thanks for your help once again
  2. Dear, @PointC, you're truly a Superhero! Thank you very much for this solution – it's exactly what I was looking for. With some adjustments and tuning to make it look a bit more natural, I am able to go on with this example. Thank you very much and a wonderful day!
  3. Hello, I want to replicate some sort of an explosion animation. For this, I have an SVG with quite a few particles (presented with `<path>`) being spread out across the whole canvas. This represents the end state of the animation (explosion). In the beginning of my animation I want to animate all the particles' `x` and `y` from the center of SVG so that the particles gradually get to their end positions from the epicenter of the explosion. Now the question is how to achieve this in an efficient way preferably without looping through all paths and calculating their offsets in relation to the parent SVG? Thank you.
  4. Right, OSUblake, that's exactly the reason it doesn't work on Codepen. But I've removed those demos so that they do not confuse anybody
  5. UPDATE: Thanks for all the answers, guys. I found the problem. It was… I loaded the script in the wrong way Since I am working with Polymer and include files with HTML imports, I have messed up inclusion of the regular scripts like GSAP plugins. Fixed it now and it works like a charm! Thank you very much
  6. Thanks a lot for referencing that snipper, PointC! With that it's clear that DrawSVGPlugin is not loaded for some arbitrary reason. Though MorphSVG is there indeed. Ok, this give me some food for thought. Thank you
  7. Hey, OSUblake! Thanks for your response but I have seen it, of course, and it is related to the same issue pointed out by PointC. It's the same and is not really "my end" but the issue with mixing HTTP and HTTPS resources on Codepen. But the problem is that I can not get it working locally either and there are no console errors and no mixed protocols here.
  8. Exactly. Have re-downloaded everything just now. MorphSVG works, DrawSVG doesn't Serving the local site from https now without any success still… should be something really stupid here apparently… Anyway, thanks for the prompt response. Will try to dig deeper and will come back if things still don't work after some attempts.
  9. Hello, @PointC Thanks for pointing out to this HTTPS/HTTP issue. I was aware of that but didn't pay enough attention to it since it doesn't work locally for me as well. Is it correct to say that DrawSVGPlugin work only over HTTPS or (possibly) localhost? The reason I'm asking is because I am running the dev site locally at and for the DrawSVGPlugin file hosted on the same site it does not work either. Is there any way I can develop with this plugin locally on HTTP? Or I should set up local dev server to serve the site over https? Also what do I do for production if my site is not served over HTTPS? If this is the case this should be in the documentation I believe since this is very not intuitively clear since, for example, MorphSVG works great over http. It also takes a lot of time to come up to this conclusion.
  10. There seems to be a problem with DrawSVGPlugin for me: I can not make it work when I try with the hosted file and not within Codepen. I am ShockinglyGreen member so there is no issue with this. The problem is that I run the same code against Codepen-specific version and against the hosted version of the script. You can see the result yourself: Codepen-specific (where lines get drawn): And here is the other version with the file being self-hosted on a server: As you can see in this second case, the lines do not get drawn and the whole contour shows up instantly What do I miss here? Thank you.