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  1. Hi Guys, if I remove the inline style and change stop-color to attribute the above from Carl doesn't work for me, the gradient becomes all black https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/XWdKwqQ Could you please advise Thank you
  2. ok thank you Zach, I'll keep it in mind next time
  3. I've cheated! https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/dybJeLe Thank you for your support
  4. Thanks guys, I've achieved some kind of sync between the orbit rotation and planet anim but I can't understand how the progress() works... it only gets the time of the orbit1_anim? https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/dybJeLe
  5. Hi Guys, I'm trying to make this simple planet orbits animation but I finally hit the wall achieving this astronomical mess. I know I need to somehow make the planet a child of the orbit animation but I'm not sure how. Thank you in advance Gp
  6. Thank you Zach! One question: Why did you add the label with addLabel() (I didn't even know the existence of addLabel) and you didn't add it within the tween on line 9? thanks again
  7. Hi Zach, yes the states above are correct. I had in mind to lower the opacity or change colour of the X on hover but I didn't get that far yet Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I'm trying to animate this hamburger menu. The hover works but only once and the click doesn't work so it's not a pretty picture Basically on click I need to draw #x_right and #x_left to 100% to form the X to close the menu and draw all the rest of the paths to 0% What am I doing wrong? Thank you!
  9. jp_uk81

    MorphSVG .hover()

    Perfect! thank you! Only thing is that the text is not aligned when the page is loading and then jumps into position https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/pozeKMy
  10. jp_uk81

    MorphSVG .hover()

    Thank you pointC, I've improved the svg and the animation now it's smoother. Now I'm trying to make the text follows the animation on hover the but I'm stuck here. I'm pretty sure the way I set the elements of the button it's a bit messy but not sure how to improve it Shall I animate the position of the text or there's a better way to approach this? https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/pozeKMy Thank you!
  11. jp_uk81

    MorphSVG .hover()

    Hi Guys, Can't figure out why this doesn't work Thanks
  12. Thank you @OSUblake, yes now it's much better with transform x https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/yLBJYrB Thanks Mikel, I tried but I cannot replicate this with any 3d software so I didn't even try three.js. The first frame of the sprite is a logo, which at first glance seems a 2d shape until you hover it. The perspective is so distorted that I couldn't recreate it with 3d apps
  13. Hey guys, I was playing with this https://codepen.io/gianpiero-di-lullo/pen/yLBJYrB In some steps the svg looks like it's pixelated on chrome (I know, I have no idea how I managed to do that) The animation is a bit clanky because I had to draw each individual step for the sprite. Any advice on how to tackle this animation in a different/better way? Also, how performant is it this way? Am I going to break people's computers? Thank you! Jp
  14. Yesss! thank you guys. What a service!
  15. Hi Guys, I've tried to do the same thing but I hit the wall. This is where I'm at and I can't find out what's wrong https://codepen.io/Jp_uk/pen/oVqeLB Thank you
  16. I'm using a led-backlit display with IPS technology (27"). I thought the poor perfomance was code related. If is because of the display then I'll just have to live with it. Thank you!
  17. Hi Guys, the above work well on the codepen but on my site the animation is really jerky, in particular when you click the down arrow to scroll down to the section with the animate V. While the window is scrolling it stops for a moment and then carries on to the bottom. What could cause this? Thank you
  18. Hi Guys, I'm working on an animation that has the same structure as this pen. The effect I'm trying to achieve is Items flowing across the bottom right part of the screen at different speed. I've got 2 questions: 1) I can't understand why at the start of the animation the cats are sitting on the bottom of the container having given them a "top" of 100vh and they don't start from below that container. 2) I'm sure this is not a very performant way to animate this. Is there a better way to do it? Basically I don't care the order of the animations as long as they travel at 45degrees from bottom to the top right of the screen. Animations can occur randomly and they should be continuous. Hope that's clear, Thank you, Jp
  19. That's great! thank you for your help
  20. Hi guys, I'm trying to animate this svg to give the effect as it lifted off the background. In this pen I tried to animate the scale and the drop shadow and the animation is triggered with scrollmagic. I have set the initial drop shadow in the CSS as advised by Dipscom here but the drop shadow doesn't animate. What am I doing wrong? If this effect can't be achieved this way is there another way to approach it? thank you
  21. Hi Guys, I have 4 fullscreen sections on a page (using fullpage.js). I'm trying to animate the background gradient of the body every time users scroll through each section. Animation duration should be tied to the scrollbar position. I have pre-set colors to use for each section that I have put into an array. My idea is to get the id of the section currently in view and pass this into the colorize function to get the corresponding colors for the gradient. I'm stuck here. Thanks in advance