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  1. Jack! That is sweeeeeeet! Thanks for taking the time to do that and comment it up for me, I appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the reply, Sorry, I wasn't clear in my question as to what I meant by 'plot along a bezier'. Here's a link to a quick gif of the sort of thing I'm looking to do. http://rtrfz.com/mark/bezier_dots.gif cheers!
  3. Hi guys, Does anybody know if it is possible to plot html elements to follow a bezier curve / path? I'd like some small shapes to animate along a path as though it is being drawn. I could write out the HTML and CSS for all the shapes and timeline them in to view but there will be 100's of the buggers and I'd like to do it a quicker and more elegant using GSAP if possible. Any help would be great cheers
  4. ive un nested everything but then when function backToAttractions is called it throws up errors not knowing what the variables are 1120: Access of undefined property backFromAttractions_btn.
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look dude!! i was thinking it was something along those lines, i had everything pretty much un nested when i started out on the project, ill work on it now and let you know cheers again
  6. heres the FLA You can download from http://www.quarterlightdesign.com/Blackpool.zip (says to big for forum, ive pruned all the sound and images out and left the movie clips in with some crude shapes to demonstrate how the tweens are not working) basically, im using tweenlite to fade and transition MCs onto the stage and then swap with other MC's on click events When i go Homepage > Attractions then back to Homepage its fine. When i go Attractions > Tower and back to Attractions its fine BUT when i go Homepage > Attractions >Tower then back to attractions (fine), back to Homepage(not fine,) the attractions MC's dont tween and are left visible between other transitions almost like they are stuck there unable to be called. Hope you can help!!! mark ps tweenlite is awesome!
  7. cheers, ill get a stripped down version of the FLA together now and upload, its for a uni assignment due in tomorrow night!!! thing is ive used tweenlite before and never experienced this, its like it is basically ignoring a chunk of code when a function is called a second time around. mark
  8. Hi for some reason TweenLite will not tween a movieclip i tell it to, The linkage and everything else is fine, the movieclip is called dynamically and i can see it on the stage when i run my swf. However if i try and get TweenLite to tween it it wont, even though Tweenlite works fine on. Does it matter if the movieclips are nested in folders in my library? if so how do i target a MC in a folder? heres the code that works (also on many other buttons) var attractionsBg = new Attractions_BG(); attractionsBg.alpha=0; addChild(attractionsBg); TweenLite.to(attractionsBg ,1,{alpha:1, ease:Strong.easeOut, delay:1.5, overwrite:true}); and the code that doesnt work var towerBg = new Tower_BG(); towerBg.alpha=0; addChild(towerBg); TweenLite.to(towerBg ,1,{alpha:1, ease:Strong.easeOut, delay:1.5, overwrite:true}); Heres my library folder set up Attractions > Attractions Menu > MC's > Attractions_BG(); Attractions > Tower > MC's > Tower_BG(); all my code is in 1 actionscript file which is external and linked with the classpath, all the other mcs at a higher level seem to work except this one!?! pulling my hair out!