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  1. well, that explains it! doh. i ended up doing this: http://codepen.io/wilbsy/pen/avqpEN it's pretty hacky, but basically works... however, it sometimes shows a flash of the box in the wrong place (fairly random - seems like it renders for a split second before the props are set - sometimes it runs with no issue at all). any ideas on how to smooth this out? thanks!
  2. hello and thanks in advance, i'm having trouble with transformOrigin/smoothOrigin (see codepen). it's not functioning as expected. the block should rotate as if it's rolling on the ground (as much as a rectangular block would roll). basically, trying to do something like this demo: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/053d0ee8da31db3bdca1a4531e0628ee what am i doing wrong? thanks!
  3. apologies if this has been covered elsewhere... has anyone had issue submitting apps to the mac app store that used TweenLite and were compiled in FlashCC to AIR 3.6 for iOS? thanks!
  4. i'm having trouble with the motionBlur in relation to objects that are scaling... it's just not happening. works with all x/y movements, but nothing when scaling... seems like i've used it for scaling in the past... i'm using the most recent version of TweenLite, flash cs5.5, publishing to fp9, and here's my simple tween... TweenLite.to( mc, time, { delay:delay, motionBlur:{strength:1, quality:2}, scaleX:1, scaleY:1 } ); (mc's original scale is 0) any suggestions as to what i'm doing wrong? thanks
  5. i found a minor error in the TransformManger VERSION: 1.963 the top and bottom cursorRotation's were switched. they should be... createHandle("t", "stretchV", -90, 0, "b"); createHandle("b", "stretchV", 90, 0, "t"); instead of... createHandle("t", "stretchV", 90, 0, "b"); createHandle("b", "stretchV", -90, 0, "t"); like i said, minor... just wanted to point it out. thanks for building such great tools!
  6. yeah, i was missing something simple... transformMatrix:{} but the strange thing is, i have code in an older project that works without the transformMatrix object... it uses skewY just like any other var... how is that?
  7. just in case there was something somewhere else in the app that was screwing things up, i decided to run a test in a new fla with nothing else... so i just put the following on the timeline... import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; import com.greensock.OverwriteManager; TweenPlugin.activate( [ TransformMatrixPlugin ] ); OverwriteManager.init( OverwriteManager.CONCURRENT ); TweenLite.to( this.mc, 0.5, { skewY2:-50 } ); TweenLite.to( this.mc, 0.5, { scaleX:0.5 } ); the OverwriteManager worked, but still no skew... i even deleted all the aso files and tried an earlier gs package... i feel like i must missing something obvious? can i activate all plugins at once to test? thanks
  8. i'm getting a Error #1069: Property skewY2 not found error... i've activated the plugin: TweenPlugin.activate( [ TransformMatrixPlugin ] ); also the OverwriteManager.init( OverwriteManager.CONCURRENT ); isn't working properly... i have the most recent version... is there any problem with the latest build? what else could be going wrong? thanks
  9. yes! that's exactly what i was looking for... thanks
  10. i may be missing it, but the only mode of adding labels i've found requires a time value... but i'd really like to append it just as i would an additional tween. for instance... tl.append( new TweenLite( target, 0.5, { vars } ) ); tl.appendLabel( "myLabel" ); // instead of tl.myLabel( "over", 0.5 ); tl.append( new TweenLite( target, 0.5, { vars } ) ); the reason being, anytime i want to add a label in a complicated timeline sequence, i have to do a trace( tl.currentTime ) in order to figure out the time value... whereas if i could append the label, perhaps with the same offset option as append(), i'd save a lot of time and i wouldn't have to change the value every time i altered the portion of the timeline that preceded the label. or am i missing something? thanks
  11. never mind... i got it. thanks for building such a great tweening engine!
  12. i'd like to make a simple modification to the TweenProxy3D which would notify me when an object's rotationX/Y is between 90 and 270 (so i know when the object's rear side is facing the user)... could you lead me in the right direction? thanks
  13. yep, that's it... hadn't looked in TweenMax... thanks!
  14. i was creating a dummy swf to use as filler for some debugging, but i wanted some tweens (and other stuff) going on within it so that i could know that it was being thoroughly unloaded when i wanted it gone (no straggling ENTER_FRAME listeners etc)... so i set up something real quick with two stage items tweening back and forth on a loop... the strange thing is that most of the time (not always), the mc2 object tweening on the y axis (see source files - http://wilbcorp.com/downloads/tl_test.zip ) gets stuck at the top and no longer continues tweening... i had started with the most basic setup... function forward():void { TweenLite.to( this.mc2, 1, {y:"300", motionBlur:true} ); TweenLite.to( this.mc, 1, {x:"300", motionBlur:true, onComplete:back} ); trace( "_tester.swf TweenLite loop is running" ); } function back():void { TweenLite.to( this.mc2, 1, {y:"-300", motionBlur:true,} ) TweenLite.to( this.mc, 1, {x:"-300", motionBlur:true, onComplete:forward} ); } i figured maybe all it needed was a little stricter setup (overwrites, OverwriteManager, absolute coordinates), but mc2 is still getting stuck... i've never had this issue in actual applications (and it's certainly not the way i would normally do things), but i was surprised to see it happen in such a simple situation... is there something i'm missing? thanks also... i'm using the latest version... just downloaded it a few days ago. /** * VERSION: 11.3 * DATE: 2010-03-26 * AS3 (AS2 version is also available) * UPDATES AND DOCUMENTATION AT: http://www.TweenLite.com **/
  15. today i built a little flash modal sort of thing... when loading a swf into the modal, i use a test swf that has some objects getting tweened around using TweenLite (a continuous loop via onComplete that traces every cycle ) along with a Timer (that traces every 2 sec)... and when you close the modal, the loader's unloadAndStop method is called... the timer is killed (note: i also checked to see if an ENTER_FRAME listener would be effectively killed, and it was), but of course the TweenLite tweens keep on going... so i looked around for a method that would dig into the children of an object and kill all their tweens... i didn't find anything (i may have overlooked it), so i took the basics of killTweensOf() and wrote this: var movie:MovieClip = loader.getChildAt( 0 ) as MovieClip; var masterList:Dictionary = TweenLite.masterList; for( var key:Object in masterList ) { var p:* = key.parent; while( p ) { if( p == movie ) { var a:Array = masterList[ key ]; var i:int = a.length; var tween:TweenLite; while (i--) { tween = a[ i ]; if( !tween.gc ) { tween.complete( true, true ); tween.setEnabled( false, true ); } } delete masterList[ key ]; } p = p.parent; } } it works, but i'm curious... is there a better way to do this? thanks
  16. oh, it's so silly... i was in such a hurry, i forgot to activate the plugin... yikes. so, actually... it works great. thanks again.
  17. actually, i just updated my classes... and now no motion blur occurs at all. i'm simply using motionBlur:true haven't run any other tests... just reverted back to previous version and it's working again.
  18. great... thanks a lot. and thanks for TweenLite... it really is a great engine.
  19. i downloaded it last night... TweenLite... VERSION: 11.2 DATE: 2010-03-06 MotionBlur.... VERSION: 1.66 DATE: 2010-03-18 i'll try to post an example fla asap... thanks for your help.
  20. yes, i am using the latest version... when i slowed things down i noticed that it's actually displaying the blur portion of the tween as if the object were rotated 180 degrees... strange... and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with nesting... some tweens blur just fine, others don't. here's an example of the same tween with and without motionBlur... http://wilbcorp.com/downloads/motionblur.zip TweenLite.to( obj, 3, { y:61 } ); TweenLite.to( obj, 3, { y:61, motionBlur:true } ); thanks
  21. when i use the motion blur plugin on a nested object... the object being tweened appears in the wrong place while blurring... for example, i have a nested sprite and if i set motionBlur to true, the sprite seems to disregard the actual global coordinates (or miscalculate them) and display the blur animation incorrectly... after the tween, it reappears in the intended location. please help. thanks