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  1. Correct, I am using that already as workaround. But think of the case tl.to(".box", 1, { y: 100 }, 0.5).to(/*more stuff */).pause(); // or .paused(true) Wouldn't you expect it to be paused if you do "tl.reversed(true)" ? in that case I'm setting a pause on last timeline action. Or am I approaching this incorrectly? Is there a way to specify when a timeline ends to stop reproducing other than hooking onComplete ?
  2. This is not in the documentation. Either it's a bug or the docs need to be updated to be clearer. When using `timeline.reversed(true)` if the timeline state is paused/finished it will resume it and reverse it. While reading the docs I expected that code to behave as `timeline.reverse().pause()` rather than `timeline.reverse(0)` See the demo Codepen to see what I'm talking about. Click on Reverse once the animation finished.