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  1. Thanks to all for your advice and suggestions. I shall give them a try....
  2. HI Greensock community. I am creating a banner and I need to be able to change the background colour of a <div> while the ad is playing. I have tried the following code but this breaks the banner and it does not play. .to($DMPU_container, .5, {css: {background-color:"#EBBB2C"} }, "swop") Am i getting the syntax wrong, and if so what is the solution? thanks
  3. Thanks for all the responses to my post. You have all answered my key questions and I am looking forward to branching away from Animate and getting into the hand coding of banners using Greensock. Onwards and upwards! Cheers. Neil.
  4. Hi Greensock Community. I am a designer with years of experience creating banners using Adobe Animate but I am now keen to switch to hand coding the banners using Greensock but I have questions about the suitability of doing so. Our projects are very specific about which fonts can be used (branding comes from a print studio with a large font library). They all need to maintain branding and type styles. One advantage with Animate CC is that I am able to use whichever font the brand requires without having to find a web font which may or may not match the required font as Animate converts the type into SVG files in code (or at least I believe that is what it does). So, question 1 is: Do hand coded banners have to rely on web fonts or can they use TrueType or PostScript fonts too? Or can i create a type font to be used in hand coded banners. In addition, my hand coding skills are a little rusty due to a huge reliance on Animate over the past couple of years. Laying out and creating the <div> files for all assets in a project would take me ages to type manually. So, question 2 is: Is there an application that can help with the layout and creation of the basic HTML code to set up the banner? I know that hand coding is lighter, can create some fabulous effects, and is simpler to understand than the code output by Animate but unless I can answer the two questions above then I am struggling to see the true benefits of hand coding. I look forward to an avalanche of great advice to move me forward! Cheers all! Neil