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  1. Ilse

    Record microphone

    @OSUblake Thank you!
  2. Ilse

    Record microphone

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if it is possible with GreenSock to record the users microphone. The idea is that when the user is speaking, something in the website will happen. Thank you in advance! Ilse
  3. Ilse


    Oh wauw, that is so stupid of me, should have checked that. Thanks for you help @PointC !!
  4. Ilse


    Hi Guys, I want to add a scroll magic effect on the website I'm currently working on. First I wanted to get it working in a codepen test. I followed some tutorials and tried to figure out some codepens. What I want to achieve is to let the square move when the element with id: move is triggered. At the moment the tweening starts immediately when the page is loaded. I'm struggling with getting the code work and I don't see what I'm missing. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! Ilse
  5. Thanks for the help Carl and Mikel! You guys clarified a lot for me
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm new here at GSAP and I'm trying to create an interactive infographic. (final goal) For now, I want to move the right image when the mouse hovers over it. When the mouse doesn't hover over it, the image should go back to the starting position. It's a quite easy movement but for one reason the code doesn't work. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance