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Community Answers

  1. retropunk's post in StaggerTo minus delay infinite loop was marked as the answer   
    You can do it like this too. No jQuery needed.
    TweenMax.staggerTo( '.dot', .5, { y:-12, ease: Power1.easeInOut, yoyo:true,repeat:-1 }, 0.15 );
  2. retropunk's post in Help on iOS with GSAP transforms was marked as the answer   
    So I figured out the mistake
    The culprit seems to be 2 things.
    The first one I should know better, I forgot to add the CSS position
    Something with the z property and possibly the z-index...hmm not sure but -100 seemed unnecessary and removing the z property didn't do anything else but seem to fix the issue.
    Also, is it best practice to keep the values in quotes? Seems like it is.
    This causes an issue on iOS
    TweenMax.set(container, { backgroundColor: "#002663", width: '300', height: '250', zIndex: -100, z: -400 }); This works great everywhere
    TweenMax.set(container, { position: 'absolute',   backgroundColor: "#002663",   width: '300',   height: '250',   zIndex: '-1' }); I need to make sure I understand this so I will do some more testing and come back with my findings.
    5 stars to Chris Gannon for doing what I ALWAYS wanted to do with JS and CSS...no CSS file.
    Thanks guys
    - Patrick
  3. retropunk's post in Using GSAP in HTML banner ads was marked as the answer   
    You can use GSAP no problem.
    My team has been using GSAP with DoubleClick for over a year now with no significant issues.
    The trick is to keep everything as small as possible and minimal calls to the server.
    Most DC ads we build on average look like this when they are uploaded to Studio and Previewed
    index.html (Enabler and Polite Load)
    script.min.js 25k gzipped (TweenLite, CSSPlugin, EasePack, Custom Utilities and then the code for ad)
    styles.min.css 1k gzipped (Use Texture Packer to create your css and sprite, then crush your PNG with your favorite PNG crusher)
    sprite.png 25k crushed

    Depending on the size of the campaign we use the DC Assets Library quite a bit. Once you realize the power of this feature you will change how you build DC ads.
    As far as their authoring tool, do you mean Google Web Designer? It's a bit clunky at first but it is really useful once you get the hang of it. It's specifically tailored for DC Studio ads. If you used Flash you can figure this tool out. The pros outweigh the cons with GWD in my opinion but with anything, it depends on your project needs.
    I hope this helps
    Good luck
    - Patrick
  4. retropunk's post in DoubleClick GSAP and Polite Loaders was marked as the answer   
    Hey everyone, I wanted to share the method we landed on concerning the DoubleClick Polite Load.
    At the time of writing this, this method works great. DC API's update often so...
    Once you minify all of your CSS and JS files down to 1 for each you can set up your Polite Load like this
    if (Enabler.isInitialized()) { init(); } else { Enabler.addEventListener(studio.events.StudioEvent.INIT, init); } function init() { if(Enabler.isPageLoaded()) { politeInit(); }else{ Enabler.addEventListener(studio.events.StudioEvent.PAGE_LOADED, politeInit); } } function politeInit(e) { var extCSS = document.createElement('link'); extCSS.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet"); extCSS.setAttribute("type", "text/css"); extCSS.setAttribute("href", Enabler.getUrl("styles.min.css")); document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(extCSS); var extJavascript = document.createElement('script'); extJavascript.setAttribute('src', Enabler.getUrl('script.min.js')); document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(extJavascript); } DoubleClick doesn't explicitly tell you to do it this way. But for us during these last campaigns it has optimized things quite a bit.
    I hope this helps someone else
    - Patrick