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  1. Hey guys, with Animate and CreateJS I found that using the stage.enableMouseOver() a bit laggy even if you bump of the rate. Check out the template in this thread where we use Animate CC and GSAP together. There are 2 Profile templates for Standard and Rich Media DC Banners http://greensock.com/forums/topic/13774-animate-cc-gsap-starter-file-needed/#entry58050 Depending on how you need the cursor to perform this may or may not work for you. In most banner cases this template should serve you fine. Take a look and let me know how it works for you Good luck - Patrick
  2. For Banner Ads we are working on a slightly different approach using the Publish Profiles feature in Animate CC. I had answered a similar post in a different thread http://greensock.com/forums/topic/13774-animate-cc-gsap-starter-file-needed/#entry58050 Take a look and let me know how it works for you Good luck - Patrick
  3. You can do it like this too. No jQuery needed. TweenMax.staggerTo( '.dot', .5, { y:-12, ease: Power1.easeInOut, yoyo:true,repeat:-1 }, 0.15 );
  4. Interesting flysi300 - I'd be interested in hearing how they measure this and if it is truly part of their testing environment. We do lots of banners and the FPS is no longer part of the spec. Maybe some cranky old PM that just learned how to use Chrome Dev Tools...
  5. Hi, have you tried the new version of Animate CC (previously Flash Pro) ? If not you should try it right away. As a Flash user I think you will be very happy with Animate CC. Tons of new features, text to outlines is one of them. No more keeping copies for future editing. Take a look asap! - Patrick
  6. be careful with those trailing commas. When I work in "use strict" mode the commas would error out. Also, like flysi300 said you don't need to wrap the CSS anymore. t1.from(h, 2, { marginTop: 400, opacity: 0, ease: Bounce.easeOut }); t1.from(para, 2, { marginTop: 400, opacity: 0, ease: Bounce.easeOut }, "-=1.3");
  7. is there any way you can pair down your example? There seems to be a whole lot going on and for someone unfamiliar with your idea it can be difficult to debug and make suggestions.
  8. Yeah the file I shared is from an idea we are working on to standardize banner production. We do a lot of DOM creation too but being able to build canvas ads in Animate CC with GSAP is just excellent. When I can combine timeline animation with coded animation its a perfect day. Using Profiles in the Publish Settings of Animate CC makes it simple to modularize typical parts of a banner. Who remembers digging around in the Flash Configuration folders in order to customize the HTML wrapper (blurghh)...so happy to see something like this come along. This feature will be huge for people once t
  9. SnapSVG Animator is from CJ Gammon https://github.com/cjgammon/SnapSVG-Animator In Animate you can only do timeline animation at the moment. No timeline code. I'm sure you could add GSAP code once the SVG is published. Certainly worth looking into. This is marked as active development but it's been quiet for a minute. Check out the examples in GitHub - Patrick
  10. The retina snippet needs some refactoring but it does work. I'm sure someone smarter than me will edit the code and post it for us
  11. Yeah I had the blurry issue but this takes care of it. The file I attached has that in the profile settings. It could always be tweaked though.
  12. Hey guys, we have been experimenting with Animate CC and GSAP. It's been a lot of fun. Feels like the old days. I'm attaching a starter template for a banner that also shows a few other things. Using GSAP with Animate CC is awesome. Publish Profiles Check the Publish Settings > Profile You will see Standard and Double Click RM. This allows you to customize the HTML wrapper for the project. You can then go under the Advanced tab and export a profile to create your own and then import it. Ideally you would create templates with profiles. it has already sped up production for us
  13. I wanted to show you something in case you weren't aware. You can use TweenMax.set when there is no need for a duration. I'm not sure what effect you are attempting but I wanted to show you a different way of doing the same thing sort of http://codepen.io/SnapToPixels/pen/KVLEeL?editors=0010 Good luck!
  14. Welcome to the forum. GSAP is a massive library and could be daunting if you start cold. But don't worry this forum is one of the best around with some amazing contributing coders. Check out this previous post from Carl on this very type of animation http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11441-slotmachine-with-js-and-gsap/?p=46464 It shows a version of a slot machine by Chris Gannon that uses GSAP. Also, if you are new to GSAP check this out too. http://greensock.com/get-started-js Hope this helps - Patrick
  15. Greensock is the ONLY bill I LOVE to pay every year! :) Thanks guys!
  16. retropunk

    SVG Gotchas!

    This is really great thread idea. I especially love to see how others tackle the same issues I come across everyday. Chris has a few SVG posts that I found useful. The Knockout Mask one was a good one. Looking forward to more posts guys. - Patrick
  17. I definitely saw the video Carl did on pathDataToBezier but I totally forgot about it! Thanks for these guys...truly excellent
  18. nice, the heart monitor effect is excellent! Thanks! I didn't realize there was a pathDataToBezier! Thats huge! Thanks so much - Patrick
  19. Hey guys, so I am attempting this effect using the DrawSVGPlugin http://videohive.net/item/electronic-chipset-2/11212198?s_phrase=circuit%20board%20animation&s_rank=15 It's not bad so far but I am curious how I could go about finding the front and tail of the SVG element that is animating. This way i could have another element follow the path or trail behind it. Just wondering if anyone has tried anything like this. Thanks! - Patrick
  20. Thanks for the hard work guys. I just came across an SVG optimization project that is perfect for GSAP. I am happy because it will allow me to show my team the power of GSAP and why GSAP should be in your toolbox. Happy Holidays!
  21. Ha ha...I don't need to pump it up that much. But its comforting to know that I can. Your snow is nuts! Thanks for catching the rotation, I thought I removed that. I didn't realize the radians though. That will be useful of course. Pixi a monster library. I've been reading through the docs tonight and I am falling in love... Also looking at CloudKids GitHub again...things are getting serious around here. I appreciate the sharing. Simply awesome. btw - how did you do the shadow on the snowflakes? Or am I seeing things because I am sleepy? haha nevermind, I see it in the sp
  22. Just a quick update. I took Diacos above CodePen and applied the TweenMax code along with a Pixi renderer. http://codepen.io/SnapToPixels/pen/f62da3152b7cf640633fe734cdd4b184?editors=001 Thanks again for sharing links - P
  23. yeah Starling is excellent. I use it with Feathers, Spine and GSAP to build AIR apps on iOS/Android. I've been working on a childrens book using these. It's so fun. Also Spine can be used with just about every popular framework. The particle engine I use with Starling is this one. It's for AS3 of course which seems to scare people these days. But if you do AIR like I do, it's brilliant. http://www.flintfabrik.de/pgs/starling/FFParticleSystem/ Here is the homepage https://github.com/shin10/Starling-FFParticleSystem
  24. SWEET! Thats awesome! I dod remember you sending those links for CloudKid...definitely on my list. I have a Particle Designer tool from 71Squared but I don't recall if I can use it with Canvas. I bought it a long time ago to use with Starling. Thanks for that link...the UI is fantastic. I love the WebGL/Canvas toggle...simple love it - P
  25. nice, thats excellent. I think I am coming to the same conclusion. That original pen was something I forked with the intention of controlling it with the GSAP ticker for that reason. This also might be a perfect time to play with Pixi too! Thanks for the reminder Patrick