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retropunk last won the day on April 16 2015

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  1. nice, this makes me happy to see posts like this. I have several AIR apps for iOS and Desktop apps that use GSAP and Starling. They still work. The frameworks for these are stable and still "just work". I haven't built any new ones in a while but the old ones still wok and get updated with new content once in a while. LONG LIVE AS3!
  2. Yes, I turned it up to 11 and found myself in the upside down with Spinal Tap! I’ll play it safe. Thx dudes!
  3. That’s it! sorry I’m on the train without my laptop. But this looks great. I didnt realize you you could split more than once! my head just exploded! thx for this!
  4. With that solution can each line be animated as a full line of text now?
  5. Oh SNAP! Yeah that looks right. Im on my phone but I’ll confirm when I get back to my desk. Thx PointC
  6. Hey guys, if I have an H1 tag and it has 4 lines of text, can I mask it like this with SplitText? This animates each line but is there a way to mask the lines with SplitText? (hope, hope) Like a trick with overflow hidden on each line? tl.staggerFrom(mySplitText.lines, 0.25, {autoAlpha: 0, y: 10}, 0.12); Thanks!
  7. yeah the draggable was just for fun. Probably confused it. You basically summed it up with the 2 statements. A pre-determined animation that kicks off as soon as the user tilts beyond a certain threshold, and make it relative to that start position. Linking the speed of the animation to the value of the tilt would be ideal. Going backwards wouldn't be necessary. .... I forgot about timeScale! DOH! I think I understand now that I could use the tilt value to control the timeScale. I need to create a sample using that. On mobile devices the DeviceEvents are constantly firing so starting/pausing/resuming the animation seems tricky. It's not just a simple animation start. Maybe I need a boolean to check if the animation state? I probably need sleep. ... ok, so I got it working closer to what I want. The code for the timeScale is not pretty. Ideally it would be tied in to the deviceOrientation beta value so it's more granular. http://retropunk.com/play/sensors/tween.html My SVG path is wacky too, but for now this hack shows my idea. Time for sleep! Thanks guys
  8. Hi everyone. I am looking to use the Device Events (DeviceOrientation or DeviceMotion) to move and object along a predetermined path with GSAP. Right now I have 2 demos. Demo1: Animate to path https://codepen.io/SnapToPixels/pen/VEzMbg Demo2: Device Orientation that uses TweenMax += on the Y axis. **iOS only for now, Android later http://retropunk.com/play/sensors/drag.html I want to combine these 2 ideas. So that when I tilt the phone and hold between specific values (Demo2) the animation will start/stop along the predetermined path (Demo1). Right now my Demo2 only pushes along the Y with +=* depending on the position. It's hard coded for now until I find a more dynamic solve. I know how to make a Timeline tween with GSAP but is it possible to increment through the timeline? I saw the GSAP article on Function-based values, but I'm hitting a wall at the moment. I'm counting on some fresh code eyes to help me out. Hope that makes sense. Thanks everyone!
  9. When starting out with coding it's best to try and reduce your project into smaller parts. Check out the plethora of examples on Greensocks CodePen here https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pens/popular The banner you are trying to build above could be created so many different ways! Finding a solution that you can relate to can be daunting in the beginning. This GSAP example should have all the parts you would need to replicate that banner https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/KJxyF?editors=0010 Good Luck!
  10. Can we download the archive docs for AS3? I also do AIR Desktop and Mobile jobs and AS3 is alive and well in that arena so AS3 GSAP is something I use constantly. Without the docs I'd be in pain. If we can download the docs that would be swell. Thanks guys
  11. @fadyhenen What are you trying to do? I looked at the FLA and your code starts with a TimelineMax declaration var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:3, repeatDelay:1}); but then you don't use it. Everything after that TimelineMax declaration is a TweenMax method.
  12. looking forward to your new exporter tool. I build banners and would be interested in seeing what you are doing.

    1. Oliver16Years


      I'll give You a long-long trial when it is ready to publish. My target auidence is advertising agencies. They are suffering with slow tools and unskilled crew. I know because they are overwhelming me with campaigns :).

      Keep in touch until that.

  13. Animate CC and GSAP certainly make it easy to build banners regardless of timeline or coded animation. I use it a lot. I also use GSAP for DOM. I look at the creative and make a determination based on the storyboard frames which tool would serve the animation best. I do prefer hand coding but there are short cuts and conveniences that Animate CC provides that are usually worth the compromise. As long as the end result is within spec, performant and makes the client happy...