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  1. Hi, I'm trying to read a scale value of a transform from an element, but I always get undefined. The selector is simple as that: document.querySelector(".logo")._gsTransform I'm using gsap 3. any idea? Thanks
  2. As you can see in the codepen, when I have two staggers one after another, the position parameter of the second stagger is not respected. The second stagger always start after the first one is done. I've tried with a label, nothing changes. Anyone can shed some light? Am I missing something? thanks a lot
  3. Thanks @pointC It worked pretty well with the bezier plugin, here the updated pen. Thanks again! https://codepen.io/federicovezzoli/pen/MxMxGo
  4. Here it is, I've added both the solutions: the normal way ( line 49 of the js ) commented out but it works, uncomment to see the path, it's the Danube river. And the tween ( from line 58 ) that does not work. Any clue? thanks a lot!!
  5. Anyone? I'm really stuck here. Any help could be really appreciated. @PointC or @OSUblake? thanks a lot guys.
  6. thank you @PointC, I've made some progress, but can't replicate it in pixi the first demo, since pixi does not have dash offset. I thought to combine svg and webgl, but for different reasons I cannot use that technique. So, I have an array of cubic bezier coords without animation I just do something like this, and it works: this.tracks[trackID] = new PIXI.Graphics() this.tracks[trackID].lineStyle(1, 0xFFFFFF) this.tracks[trackID].moveTo(newCubicBezier[0].x,newCubicBezier[0].y) for (var i = 1; i < newCubicBezier.length; i++) { this.tracks[trackID].lineTo(newCubicBezier[i].x, newCubicBezier[i].y, 1) } But if I place it in a tween, the line is not visible: this.tracks[trackID].moveTo(newCubicBezier[0].x,newCubicBezier[0].y) //remove the first el newCubicBezier.shift() let that = this.tracks[trackID] TweenMax.staggerTo(newCubicBezier, 2, { ease: Sine.easeOut, onUpdate: function(){ console.log("update", this.target, that) that.lineTo(this.target.x, this.target.y, 1) } }, 0.05); I think I'm missing some basic understanding, but couldn't find it. Wanted to do a codepen demo, but Codepen is not working right now. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi @OSUblake, is there a way to animate the stroke dash offset in pixi.js graphics elements? I've been banging my head on this one for a couple of days without finding the right solution. Coming from svg animations the dash offset was one of my first thoughts, but couldn't find a way to do it in pixi. thanks a lot.