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  1. That works perfectly! Thanks. I didn't know about the randomtint function. Is that part of GreenSock, or Flash itself? Also, is there any way to have the tint be random, but exclude a color range? I only ask because these lght_mc* clips are strobe lights like at a dicso. It would be nice to exclude blacks/dark greys if at all possible.
  2. They all need to become different tints. Different random tints. I can get random with tint:Math.random()*0xFFFFFF, but not a different color for each. Also, I need this to repeat for the duration of the animation unil a specified frame (I am not sure which frame that will be as of yet, so let's just say frame 1000 for now). When I say repeat, I mean if light_mc turns from color x to color y, it needs to turn from color y to color z to another random color the next time and so on for all MCs Edit: I also seem to be hacing trouble with the updateto call. Is it TweenMax.updateto(clips,{tint:Math.random()*0xFFFFFF}); OR Clips.updateto({tint"Math.random()*0xFFFFFF});
  3. I have about 22 movie clips, all a solid color with a naming convention of light_mc1, light_mc2, light_mc3 and so on. I currently have all of their transparency values set to about 60%. All of them are currently different colors. I would like them to smoothly transition colors at set intervals (about 1-2 seconds each transition, but 1.5 is ideal). I need them to change in unison. Or if possible, have them all change at slightly different intervals, but keep the 1.5 second transition time. SOrry, but I am unabale to upload an example at this time.