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  1. Your time is appreciated... I should have said this previously - I wish I could create a codepen, but all things considered, I'm not talented enough to do that in a reasonable amount of time with this current project. I can message you privately if that is preferred I'm convinced the latest GSAP beta should be working for us, but somehow we have broken something. As I continue to test the difference between the production version and the latest beta, we can report some differences that may help to identify the issue. — Using the production version of GSAP, the function below is called on all devices when swiping vertically on a draggable element. — However, using the beta version of all files, the function below is NOT called using iOS 13.2 when swiping vertically on a draggable element. Something is preventing the page from scrolling, right? $(window).on('scroll', function(){ // take measurements, load new content if necessary }); We should also say again, we can determine the direction of the swipe and correct issues that way, but I'm just not sure how to do that Again... appreciated.
  2. I downloaded the latest beta from my dashboard and used the files from the minified folder. — iOS 13.2 with Beta GSAP I could not get iOS13.2 to work with the four beta files mentioned above. I tried removing the listeners mentioned above, on the document and body, together and separately. However, trying to scroll the page when swiping up or down on the draggable did nothing in all cases . — iPadOS 13.2 with Beta GSAP This works beautifully. FYI - I would really like to use the beta version 3, or at least the production version 3 when it is ready so we keep up to date. Please tag me or reply when there is anything remotely relevant to this issue - thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply, I am happy to report that iOS13.2 and iPadOS13.2 both work perfectly with changes referenced above while running the PRODUCTION version of GSAP, TweenMax, ThrowProps, and Draggable. I will test the latest beta versions and report back
  4. — Draggable Issues Sorry about the delay, but we were waiting for a fix to our problem from... more responses here and/or new info online, and/or new releases for IOS13 or iPadOS. Please see the link below, it is a video of our desktop screen, showing how the site would work. The video is 21mb, has no sound, and is about 30 seconds. It might take a second or two to load. https://santoriello.com/example_video_2.mov As you can see, we have a series of posts that can be scrolled vertically, and a series of slides in each post that are draggable, horizontally. The entire slide is draggable, the image and the text. The site should EITHER scroll the page vertically or drag the slides horizontally, but never both at the same time. Both iOS13 (?) and iPadOS allow for both to happen at the same time, very bad — Draggable Production with iOS 13.1.3 I think we have this solved for now (for now?), with your help. First, we had to determine the direction of the drag (https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/zyxgh?editors=001) and then keep looking for solutions, which I think we found (https://greensock.com/forums/topic/21450-draggable-in-iframe-on-mobile-is-buggy/?tab=comments#comment-101225). So, if the swipe is close to being horizontal, only then do we add this code… $("body")[0].addEventListener("touchforcechange", handleTouchMove, false); Which will then call this function… function handleTouchMove(e) { e.preventDefault(); } And then ‘onDragEnd’ we add this code… $("body")[0].removeEventListener("touchforcechange", handleTouchMove, false); I have no idea if this a permanent fix, please advise — Draggable Latest Beta with iOS 13.1.3 Dragging horizontally works, scrolling vertically does not work at all when swiping up or down on the draggable slides, users have to swipe up or down on the part of the page that is not a slide, that is not draggable… unusable. — Draggable Production with iPadOS 13.1.3 This is still not working. ‘touchforcechange’ seems to be completely ignored. Any advice? — Draggable Latest Beta with iPadOS 13.1.3 My previous post above indicated that everything worked perfectly with the latest beta on the iPad, not sure if I screwed up the testing, but the latest beta seems to have the same behavior as the production version of Draggable, with ‘touchforcechange’ being ignored (?). — Other Notes Desktop works fine with production and latest beta of Draggable. FYI, we add these listeners once everything is loaded, Not sure if it is helping or hurting. document.addEventListener('touchmove', function(e) { // }, { passive: false }); document.addEventListener('touchstart', function(e) { // }, { passive: false }); Any help would be appreciated, thanks tom
  5. Thank you for the great news, if you guys don't see the same negative effects that I do, then it can be fixed on my end I'll will investigate your suggestion, and see if I can create a demo while I seek a solution. ❤️
  6. I have had similar IOS 13 issues. We are using draggable to swipe between multiple slides in a post. Preventing the screen from scrolling vertically when swiping horizontal is critical, also allowing the page to scroll vertically when swiping up or down on the same slides is also critical. IOS 13 broke the fix we were using to accomplish both .... $('html, body').off('touchstart touchmove', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }); The new beta for draggable linked above.... DOES prevent the screen from scrolling vertical when swiping horizontally - perfectly. DOES NOT consistently scroll the page vertically when swiping or scrolling up or down on the slides - very bad We love Greensock and gsap and we hope this feedback helps you guys create a better fix faster!! We have tried editing the small lock of code above, and even crazy stuff like changing the "overflow" and "height" of the "html" and/or "body", nothing is working well enough as of yet. EDIT -- The beta for draggable works perfectly on the new iPadOS. The IOS 13 issue of vertically swiping on the slides to actually scroll the page continues not to perform consistently - it seems on any IOS 13 browser. Hope this helps!