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  1. I have a sequence of tweens that take place on mouse hovers. Sometimes the tweens dont finish and are left at half of there tweening. I was looking for some input to remedy this, as I would like to actually slow down the tweens and not have them interfere with each other. this can be seen at www.mojogar.com var timeDesign:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeDesign.pause(); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(statement, .1 , {x:"-490", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(anim, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(support, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(inovate, .1 , {x:"-580", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(webSite, .1 , {x:"-480", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(greenCircle, .1 , { y:"-215", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeDesign.insert(TweenMax.to(orangeStar, .1 , { y:"-215", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); design.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, designGo); design.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, designOut); function designGo(event:MouseEvent):void { timeDesign.gotoAndPlay("designZero"); } function designOut(event:MouseEvent):void { timeDesign.reverse(); } var timeAnim:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeAnim.pause(); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(statement, .1 , { x:"-490", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(design, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(support, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(flashSymbol, .1 , { y:"-215", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(blender, .1 , { y:"-215", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(animInfo, .1 , { x:"-778", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(walker, .1 , { x:"285", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeAnim.insert(TweenMax.to(girl, .1 , { x:"-255", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); anim.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, animGo); anim.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, animOut); function animGo(event:MouseEvent):void { timeAnim.gotoAndPlay("animZero"); } function animOut(event:MouseEvent):void { timeAnim.reverse(); } var timeSupport:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeSupport.pause(); //timeSupport.insert(TweenMax.to(statement, .1 , {x:"-490", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeSupport.insert(TweenMax.to(design, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeSupport.insert(TweenMax.to(anim, .1 , {blurFilter:{blurX:5, blurY:5, quality:3}, alpha:.2, ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeSupport.insert(TweenMax.to(compRepair, .1 , {x:"-800", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeSupport.insert(TweenMax.to(girlComp, .1 , {x:"430", ease:Cubic.easeInOut})); timeSupport.addLabel("supportZero", 0); timeDesign.addLabel("designZero", 0); timeAnim.addLabel("animZero", 0); support.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, supportGo); support.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, supportOut); function supportGo(event:MouseEvent):void { timeSupport.gotoAndPlay("supportZero"); } function supportOut(event:MouseEvent):void { timeSupport.reverse(); } support.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mouseClick); function mouseClick(event:MouseEvent):void { navigateToURL(new URLRequest("support.aspx"), "_self"); } anim.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Click); function Click(event:MouseEvent):void { navigateToURL(new URLRequest("animation.aspx"), "_self"); } design.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mouseHandler); function mouseHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { navigateToURL(new URLRequest("art.aspx"), "_self"); }
  2. a Timeline Max instance. I dont see it referenced on that demo. Im look ing to do the same implement a single character STF in a timeline and had a hard time getting it done the other day. Ill admit I need to try again and am sure ill get it figured out. But it looks like in his code he is doing it, so Ill reference it and give it a try, But in the demo I dont see where you referenced a timelineMax/lite?
  3. i dont see where you referneced a timeline in any of those 3 examples?
  4. got it going. thanks. yes i had it looking the way i wnated with multiline and word wrap before. But i had not clicked on the "character embedding" button and ebedded it that way, which after did, the multiple lines were no longer squished.
  5. I have created a dynamic text box on the stage with my text. I have embeded the font in the library and this is my script; import com.greensock.TweenMax; import com.greensock.text.SplitTextField; import com.greensock.easing.*; text_tf.embedFonts = true; var stf:SplitTextField = new SplitTextField(text_tf); for (var i:int = stf.textFields.length - 1; i > -1; i--) { TweenMax.to(stf.textFields, 1, {blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10}, x:Math.random() * 650 - 100, y:Math.random() * 350 - 100, scaleX:Math.random() * 4 - 2, scaleY:Math.random() * 4 - 2, rotation:Math.random() * 360 - 180, autoAlpha:0, delay:Math.random() * 0.5, ease:Quad.easeIn, repeat:1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:1.2}); } looks good but it squishes the text on 1 line. thanks
  6. thanks. I used the documentation and am much more comfortable with these classes now. Your fast response was much appreciated.
  7. Newbie here, just trying GreenSocks out, so this is my 1st tweens using GS. Im simply trying to call a tween event in a function usig this code; import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var gar:TweenLite = new TweenLite(square, 2, {x:200, y:300, alpha:.5, rotation:360, ease:Back.easeOut}); gar.pause(); square.addEventListener.(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, go); function go(event:MouseEvent):void { gar.play(); } But not working. Im getting this error; TypeError: Error #1123: Filter operator not supported on type builtin.as$0.MethodClosure. at greeSockProperties_fla::MainTimeline/frame1() thanks