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  1. Yes I see where my misunderstanding was now, thank you very much for your time.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have moved the immediateRender to the 'to' properties (seems strange, my understanding of immediateRender is that it applies to the 'from' properties but it does seem to work either way). I set autoAlpha to 1 in the staggerFromTo 'from' properties to ensure that a previously faded box would be fully visible before the slide started. I don't want that Tween to then change the autoAlpha, the autoAlpha has to change in the following Tween (after the slide has moved left), hence it's in the staggerTo and the to of the Tweens that act on the box that precedes the sliding one in the sequence. I can see your solution works - thank you - but in my understanding a 'set' at that point in the timeline is exactly the same as a 'from' with immediateRender = false. So in your solution, at that point in the timeline the autoAlpha is set to 0, and in my original, the 'from' properties of the fromTo set autoAlpha to 0 at exactly the same point and so the resume should work the same in both cases. If you have time to explain what's wrong with my thinking then that would be useful for future reference, if not then I will just gratefully accept your working solution!
  3. My slider (see Codepen) has elements sliding in turn from left to right, with the previous slide fading out as the new one slides over. It works fine except when I pause it while the first slide is moving (the red box in the Codepen): if I then resume it the first slide immediately disappears. Resuming when the other boxes are moving works fine too. I guess one of the autoAlpha:0 properties is being applied in a way that I don't understand, but I would be grateful for any help with understanding why that's happening and how to fix.