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  1. Well, i dont have any idea what this part means, but the other stuff was very helpful . Thanks a lot.
  2. Awesome. The offsetX was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you. Side question: Is there somewhere something like a cheatsheet where i can find all possible parameters? I know the cheatsheet from ihatetomatoes but is there something similar in more detail?
  3. Hi there, i have a question regarding the scollto-plugin: I would like to scroll the window to a div, but i dont want it to scroll to the beginning i want it to center. Does anyone know any parameter or hints for this? Thank you
  4. Thank you for your response. Its a little bit tough to explain. The issue is not related to scrollmagic. I dont want to scroll to a div (but i will probably rely on that in case i dont find another solution), i want an object animate to a div thats not necessarily having the same distance to the object (the distance might relate to the scrollspeed of the user).
  5. Hi there, i'm currently building a site, where the user is scrolling through content horizontally (yeah i know, its a client request). In this content i implemented some aweful scrollstops with "overflow: hidden" on body & html (yeah, i know again, tell the client pls :)) The user can remove the "overflow: hidden" by clicking a button and the protagonist in the scene will be animating to a certain point and then keeps on scrolling. The problem i have is: The scrollstops arent very reliable and it can happen - depending on the scrollspeed - that the triggerelement triggers the scrollstop too late. This reduces the space to the point where the protagonist in the scene is animating to and this is why i whonder if there is a possibility to animate to a certain element and not with values? (right now in this second i realised that i just could calculate the value between the two elements somehow, but maybe there is an easy way to this problem) Thank you
  6. Alright. Thank you for the clarification. The Business-License it is now
  7. Thank you for your fast response. The structure of the site is quite simple: We have a frontpage with the GSAP-Animations, and when the user want to buy the clients stuff, the user can buy this stuff and gains access to his download area (or his personal account page like on any other ecommerce site). GSAP is only in use on the frontpage, which is accessible for all users no matter if they're buying something or not. Sorry for this additional question. I just want to make sure, that i dont rip you off, because gsap is pretty awesome. If the business license is needed i will happily charge the client for it, but when not i dont want to rip him off either. Thank you very much
  8. Hi there, I'm developing a website for a client, where a user can buy exercise plans. I'm using gsap on the frontpage of the site. I'm thought i need a Business License, but then i read here so i'm not sure anymore. Thank you