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  1. I have two games on one tab. How to killAll tween of one game not effect other game. I use TweenMax.killAll(), it stop all tween of two games. Thanks
  2. My demo is basic. I want to move light first slow, after that fast, and some repeat time, it slow down and stop. How to do that. Thanks
  3. I want to create tween like that: .How to use bezier plugin in timeline fromto
  4. I want to create a bezier motion in canvas. First it moves slow, after that it moves fast. Finally it moves slow and stop. How to do that. Thanks. Example: the car runs on the street. It starts slow, after it moves faster and finally it slows and stop.
  5. I use tweenmax 1.20.2 to tween object in canvas. I use lagSmoothing to make sure the tween run when my tab is not active. but it doesn't work. It works with version 1.91.1. here is my code: window.addEventListener('blur', function () { TweenLite.lagSmoothing(0); }, false); window.addEventListener('focus', function () { TweenLite.lagSmoothing(1000, 16); }, false); How to run with tweenmax 1.20.2. Thanks