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  1. Hey guys, I have a question about an animation that im trying to make, so is "something like Flip Animation". Basically what I am doing is generating a small image and a larger one behind, hidden. What I want to achieve is that the one that is hidden starts from where the smallest image is and scales to the size of the viewport, but I am trying to avoid using Width and Height to make a more fluid animation and I want to use Scale for that. Any suggestions or ideas? it would be very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to read!!
  2. Hello guys, so im having a problem while using ScrollTrigger + Locomotive scroll + Highway.js, so im setting up a scrollerProxy() for use the locomotive scroll and tigger an animation that fires a MotionPath, so at first glance it works well, but when i change views with Highway.js and comeback where the ScrollTrigger need to fire the MotionPath(Basically the timeline) again, it doesnt work, like sometimes read the timeline and set up the element but doesnt fire it or sometimes not even mount the timeline, so also im refreshing the scrolltrigger passing the update method that locomotive scroll bring us, so perhaps i missing something, like killing the timeline onLeaveComplete. Any help will be great! Thanks
  3. Hi im having an issue when i click for the first time in the button to animate the div this one jump and then start the transition with normality, where is the problem ? here i left a pen, thank you !
  4. Hi! im new in the forum! first i just wanna say what an amazing library! thanks! i just wanna now if some can give me a codepen to see or tell me how can i make my own scrollbar! my goal is have a very smooth scrollbar just like this site https://www.hpmagicwords.com.br/, thnks for the time and sorry for bother you, i dont know if i post in the right place, hope the best!