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  1. componentDidMount(){ this.controller = new ScrollMagic.Controller(); this.circleTween = TweenMax.to('.yellowHollowCircle', 2, { transform: `+=translateY(400px)`, ease: Power3.easeOut, paused: true }); this.circleTimeline = new TimelineMax().add(this.circleTween, 0); // tells state if scrolling up/down this.circleScene = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ offset: 0, duration: 1 }) .triggerHook(1) .on('update', e => { let { scrollPos } = e, { lastScrollPos } = this.
  2. Edit: See below for the most legible version of the code! Hello, I'm trying to play a tween whenever the user stops scrolling. Eventually I'll play from 0-1 on scrolling down, and from 1-0 on scrolling up. Currently I'm experiencing some unexpected behavior however. See the code below. The `ScrollMagic.Scene` tells the component whether the user is scrolling up or down, and `scrollStop()` is calling the arrow callback whenever the user stops scrolling. Contrary to my tween config, the scene ignores `paused: true` and moves `.yellowHollowCircle` 4