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  1. I will definitely check the examples but your edit is pretty much what I'm trying to achieve. Thank you so much!
  2. I will definitely check the examples. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I'm trying to make the slides title fade out / fade in (next one) when I have half of each slide on my screen. Is it possible? I couldn't find an example for this kinda of tweenig.
  4. I'm working on something like a full screen sections with a big menu that scrolls to left/right depending on the section but I can't get it right. Basically, when the first section ends I want the menu to translate to left and when I scroll up I want it to translate back to right. How can I achieve this? It's something like this http://en.leningrad.io/
  5. Thanks Carl, I've created a topic right here: I've also posted some pictures to demonstrate my point.
  6. So this is the thing I was talking about, the image comes downwards while the text comes upwards until they reach the bottom/top of the page:
  7. Guys, I've been using Petr videos on YouTube to learn more about GreenSock but I don't get it how they've done the 50% image / 50% text section on this site: https://www.hpmagicwords.com.br/. It seems like the position is fixed but I simply don't get it how it is done. Any ideia that can help me get started??