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  1. just finally figured out the issue with this. just for the benefit for anyone else who might face this same issue, i'll just put this here. the custom scroller im using is a fixed positioned element that overlays the body (like a scrollable modal) and the reason for the jank was that when i scrolled on the modal, the body element is also being scrolled at the same time. my solution was to apply overflow:hidden to the body when the popup was active and the issue was solved.
  2. mfk

    Animations are laggy :(

    Hello, any idea where i can read more about this Chrome issue? I think recently im seeing text flickering on 3 sites that i used gsap to animate texts. was wondering why they started to behave in that way when it was fine before. thanks in advance.
  3. thanks guys for the suggestions. ive since decided not to use pinning in this case but if i ever experience same issue, ill try those out!
  4. Hello, I've been using scrollTrigger for abit but today i was trying to pin something while scrollign within an element (not body) and im experiencing jankyness in the pinning of the trigger. I did a video capture here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/88tlf0q3md8c4zm/scrolltrigger-jank.mp4?dl=0 Happened in chrome and particularly happens more on larger sized browsers. Cant quite replicate the source for now but was wondering if anyone else experienced something similar
  5. Hello, im trying to use a function to return a dynamic number value for the position of 'scroller-start' of my scroll trigger // simplified scroll trigger here ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: ".logo", start: "top DYNAMIC-VALUE-HERE", end: "+=500", scrub: 1, }); // function to return dynamic value function get_start() { return document.querySelector('.fixed-elements h2').offsetTop } I see that its possible to use functions in the start option, but how do use it only for the 2nd value as shown above?