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  1. uninstalled the .tgz, installed using the instructions, works perfectly!
  2. no worries at all. thanks for creating such a great product
  3. ah! Interesting too know. Coincidentally, I also use Nuxt 2 on this project so another reason for me to keep using Yarn. I've personally never had problems with either npm or yarn, but perhaps I'm not enough of a power-user I suppose in the meantime the best way to use gsap3+bonus tools is to install locally, right?
  4. for me its: yarn upgrade-interactive --latest that's it honestly I don't do much with these tools apart from just installing and upgrading. @ZachSaucier which makes me curious! what other uses do you use npm for and what other features are important for you?
  5. same problem for me. Before it worked fine. - i've tried empty'ing ~/.npmrc then reload and add back my token - I've added a new .npmrc in my project with the token neither worked.
  6. oh nice! wow, great find, thank you so much! What made you look at the kill method? 😁
  7. Thanks Paul for having a look, really appreciate! Tonight I will have a closer look at the smoothscroll's API and see if that offers a solution. I quickly checked your fork and noticed that when you scroll down (on home) and then click on contact, the model still slightly resets before it transitions to the next page. Not as much as before but it still does unfortunately. So perhaps there is still something that related to scrolltrigger?
  8. CodeSandbox It's quite a bit of code, but let me guide you. I'm quite sure I located the code that's causing the problem(s). I'm just not sure how to fix it. Problem When browsing between pages, the model's position and rotation values start from (or reset) to a different value. When I remove the timelines from the file (described below), it all works properly. So my hunch is I'm doing something wrong regarding the creation of timelines/scrolltriggers or perhaps the removal of them. Perhaps the timeline get's stuck somewhere or scrolltrigger thinks it'
  9. @GreenSock thanks for that debug snippet! so useful, will save this for future use Thanks for explaining, this makes a lot of sense. I've been able to fix the overlapping problems by adjusting the end props and using the visual markers to do so. This snippet helped a lot (besides the visual markers). Thanks!
  10. @ZachSaucier I've simplified the example right here I still face the exact same issue. While scrolling up a lot of tweens are kinda skipped..
  11. ah I understand. Is it okay if I refer you to the code instead? Controller.js init() r74-75 a gsap.set for initial settings intro() r88 intro animation createScrollTriggers() r155 here I create a timeline based on the `data-scroll-trigger` attributes in the index.html So I loop through each attr and based on the data-name add to the timeline that contains the scrolltriggers. If this isn't clear I don't mind creating a new one at all ✌️
  12. 👇 codesandbox Having some fun over the week with this little threejs+scrolltrigger Unfortunately when ya scroll back up a few animations are skipped. I tried replacing the .to()'s with .fromto()'s but they had no effect. Any other suggestions? thanks guys!
  13. 👇 See the code here What am I doing wrong here? I basically took the code from the codepen example form the docs the _toArray is a reference to gsap.utils.toArray but not sure how that could help me . also I was wondering about the following: why in the example codepen is there a variable totalScroll to calculate the scrollHeight? It's only set on 'load' but never set again after. Still even though I resize the screen it works perfectly.. Magic 🤘