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  1. Hey, in your codepen you’re creating 2 gsap timelines. One in the main body and another in the gameEnd function. Each time gameEnd is called it creates a new one. I’ve forked your codepen and made some adjustments. I had to add a gsap.set to reset opacity to 1 otherwise the time would disappear (I’m on my phone so couldn’t debug why that happens) The significant changes were deleting the finalSBPrint2 variable inside the gameEnd function so there’s only one reference to the gsap timeline and removing the duplicated addEventListener. I also removed the code creating the timeline outside gameEnd and just called gameEnd on init as that again was duplicated code. Codepen
  2. The bonus plugins are for Club Greensock memberships and you download them from your dashboard. https://greensock.com/club/
  3. That’ll probably be the same issue I had. My lock file was showing something like 3.2.1. Have you tried yarn upgrade (or recreating the yarn.lock file)?
  4. This is the error I got on codebuild. [2/4] Fetching packages... 46 error Integrity check failed for "gsap" (computed integrity doesn't match our records
  5. The problem I’m having is with aws codebuild. Gave up and tried using the tarball which then failed on the integrity check, so not sure what’s going on there. Using yarn 1.22.5
  6. Hey @web_roll I’m going through the same process and experiencing the same issue. What version of yarn are you using? I ask because yarn 2 doesn’t use .yarnrc and uses yarnrc.yml Edit: I see you're using v1.22.10, I'll let you know if I get it working
  7. Yes, very helpful. Option 1 was what I was thinking of initially. Thanks.
  8. Hey, I have a timeline tween that repeats a number of times. When it's complete I want it to return to its initial state. I could do this using an onComplete, but I wonder if there's an available prop that does this automatically?
  9. Hi, I'm tweening the tint on a textfield as an infinite repeat. At some point the tint colour needs to change. What I want to do is clear the tint and then create a new tween to tint it with the new color. How do I kill the tint and reset it back to its original color before tweening it again?
  10. I had a friend test it on his iPhone5 and it worked fine (much better performance too) and another tested it with iPhone4 with iOS5 and that also worked. However I'm using an iPhone 4 with iOS6 and tis not working. Testing through web developer tools shows no JS errors, but I did manage to isolate the problem to a line in the JS generated by the CreateJS Toolkit for Flash, so I'll be posting my problem on their forum. PS. I've only just realised there's a specific JS greensock forum, so feel free to move this topic there.
  11. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4305672/CreateJS/MA_GBR_1025BAx0100/AssetsDev.html When I view this on an iOS device, non of the tweens are working (ignore how clunky it is at the moment! ) Is this iOS itself, GSAP JS doesn't support iOS or something else? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ahh, that's the problem, it's a scoping issue for this. Because the showMultiple function is tied to a button click, this refers to the button and not the class! Silly me! Thanks for your time, I have another question but will create a new topic for that.
  13. https://dl.dropbox.c.../AssetsDev.html If you click one of the 4 buttons then click another, the onComplete event is immediately called resulting in the message boxes appearing. They should only appear once the tween has completed. Interestingly, if the same button is pressed the tweens restart, but the onComplete event doesn't fire. I'm using the GSAP that I downloaded a few days ago.
  14. I'm using the JS version of greensock and I have an issue with an onComplete function being called when overwriting a tween and creating a new timelinelite instance. So, effectively I create a number of tweens and add them to an array that I then parse into insertMultiple method of a TimelineLite instance. I've tried killing the timelinelite timeline before creating a new one, but the onComplete function is still called. How do I prevent the onComplete function being called when overwriting/creating a new instance of the timelinelite? for(var x = 0; x < 12; x++) { if(has_children) { m = c.getChildAt(x); } else { m = new createjs.Text(); m.x = (20*x); c.addChild(m); } m.y = 0; m.alpha = 1; m.text = multiple * (x+1); ta.push(TweenMax.from(m,0.5,{y:20,alpha:0,ease:Back.easeOut, overwrite:1})); } if(this._tl != null) this._tl.kill(); this._tl = new TimelineLite({onComplete:function(){console.log("Hi");root._msg1.visible = root._msg2.visible = true; root._msg1.text("Here is the pattern for x times table.");root._msg2.text("This can be carried on to give more multiples of x")}}); this._tl.insertMultiple(ta,"0","start",0.1);