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  1. Just figured this out. Had to use the following. As I'm pretty new to this stuff I'm not sure I exactly how it works, just glad it does. Found the base code here: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2171928 My new code: canvas.addEventListener("mouseover", over.bind(this)); function over() { TweenMax.to(this.darken, 1.25, {alpha:1, ease:Back.easeOut}); TweenMax.to(this.learnMore_white, 1.25, {alpha:1, ease:Back.easeOut}); TweenMax.to(this.learnMore_blue, 1.25, {alpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut}); } canvas.addEventListener("mouseout", out.bind(this)); function ou
  2. Very new to integrating gsock into banner ads that will eventually be sent to a 3rd party host, ADGEAR, for serving up to my client's ad venders. I've been trying to setup a banner in Animate CC. I use a mouseover to increase the alpha of a movieclip called "darken", which effectively darkens the stage, and then I use mouseout to change the alpha property of "darken" to lighten the stage once again. Just want a nice way to show user interaction with my banner. Based my banner setup on an Animate CC template found here on this website, GSAP_AdStarter_Demo_2017.fla. It w