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  1. Thanks Mikel, The more I looked at it, the less I could see anything!!!
  2. Hi, I have this animation running perfectly on Firefox, but it does not work on Chrome or Safari. This happens on the site I'm developing, but also con Codepen, (same pen has a different behaviour on different browsers). When I check the pen on Firefox everything goes fine, but when I check it on Chrome or Safari nothing moves. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
  3. This looks amazing OSUblake. I'm glad this post motivates all of you to improve the code and keep learning all together.
  4. Thank you very much!! I really appreciate your help!! Any idea why autoRotate property does not affect the target?
  5. Hi all, I'm new with GreenSock and quite happy with I've done until now with it! I've to do a animation through a path. All seems right up to here. But it needs to be responsive. I mean, as the path adapts to the width of the screen, the animation should also adapt. Is it possible to do this with GS? Any help will be really apreciated. Thanks!