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  1. I've been exploring the possibilities of an AIR application and have a question about TransformManager and new windows. When a new window is created, it has it's own stage, which can cause some funniness (with other things that can remain nameless). I was hoping someone could test simply creating a new window from within an AIR app, and transform something on it. I'm working on getting the purchasing approved in the meantime. Your tween platform, and lately the LiquidStage stuff is just invaluable to me. Thanks so much! -Ted
  2. baaahaaa! I knew it must be something simple. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Is there a way to track the position of an object as it tweens? As example, track the x position of an object as it moves across the stage? It seems I only have access to that property at the beginning and end of the tween. I'm sure I'm missing something... Thanks in advance1 -Ted
  4. funny, it hadn't occurred to me to just look there... I just wrote a bunch of drawing classes, so I think I'm going to mess with an arc and motion paths... if i have any success. I'll let you know. Thanks again!
  5. I'm loving the extras! My brain is smoldering a little trying to keep up with the ideas I'm getting... A couple quick things, Motion Paths... I see there is a circle2d class, and the example rocks! Is it possible to create my own path and assign it as a motion path? A quick look makes me think I'd need to create my own class that extends motion path? (I'm thinking of using an path to setup a quick and easy 2.5D image stack, where the images properties are changed dynamically based on their position on the path, and maybe dynamically tween the path as well...hmm...). Also, is there documentation on the TweenProxy3D stuff somewhere? Looks fantastic from the examples, I'll have to make some time at work today to play. Thanks for all your efforts creating/maintaining this! -Ted