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  1. Sobre o post:


    Tentei algumas soluções mas como sou iniciante nada resolveu meu caro Victor

    Poderia me ajudar da forma mais simples que você puder??


    Grande Abraço

  2. Hey @Nolla, I saw your private message, so I decided to answer on the forum because it may help others. I'm not aware of how you've handled your Smoothscroll, but I would say that your problem could it be related to callback timing. Probably you're calling the smooth scroll before the browser get the correct size of the document. You maybe need to put some preloader on images and call the smooth scroll after browser get it done, or put fixed size for all your elements so, or (more complex) create a lazy load function on your images and recalculate your smooth scroll every time t
  3. Olá, sou muito fã do seu trabalho, parabéns mesmo.

    Estou estudando e incorporei o  gsap smooth scroll com o ScrollMagic, e não sei porque mas quando testo offline ele funciona perfeitamente, porém, quando subo a página ela não desce até o fim.


    Teria como me ajudar a resolver esse problema??


  4. Hey @PointC, That's an awesome Tutorial, thanks for sharing. For sure that's will be very usefull in the future, in the project (that will be released very soon). I used @mikel's approach. But for sure is amazing to know how flexible Morph & DrawSVG are, giving a ton of opportunities to explore. The project I used this effect: http://by-victorwork.com/1st11/
  5. That's amazing. Thanks @mikel
  6. Hey GSAP'ers, I'm trying to morph a Circle SVG to a line as you can see on the PEN. I'm wondering what's the best way to approach. Thanks in Advance Cheers
  7. @ZachSaucier Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I've been doing a couple of stuff synch the GSAP animations and the SmoothScroll(made by @jesper.landberg) and I'm wondering if is the new ScrollTrigger is compatible to fire/handle the animations with the SmoothScroll Examples: 001: https://codepen.io/victorwork/pen/vYLBoxK 002: https://codepen.io/victorwork/pen/WNreVjM 003: https://codepen.io/victorwork/pen/pogzMWO
  8. @jesper.landberg Hey Man, keep me posted if you figured out an away to use it with your smooth scroll.
  9. Hello Gsap'ers I'm trying to cheer up a value, but I can not. Test to animate in Mousemove, it seems to work perfectly, however in the Tween I am not getting Can someone help me? Line 27.
  10. Hello guys, I'm trying to make an infinite scroll based on that reference: (This site). But I have not tried in some ways to leave the scroll smooth, with ease, but without much success, is there a way to do this through tl.progrees ()? Any help will be very valuable. Thanks
  11. @GreenSock Thanks for the words Jack, and I believe you have used the correct term: Empathy. It is very important to know the path you have taken and how you have managed to evolve looking back and helping people who also want to move forward. You can count on me, I'll always be here. [high-five] ? @elegantseagulls Very Thanks ^^ @Carl I believe that success is in recognition, and I want to acknowledge everyone who helps me. Thank you for the words @mikel Thanks Broo. ☺️ @Dipscom
  12. Hello everyone, This post is going to be one of those a little long and for those more busy and timeless it is about: A person who had a dream and when he reached resolve to thank the people who helped reach that goal. Well let's go then: First, this was my first post on the forum: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/16437-animation-scale-left-to-right/ And on this date I still used Adobe Muse to make a website because I did not know anything about HTML / CSS, but I already wanted to be good, make sites cool, cool and one day I could gain recognition at Awwwards, so if
  13. Hi @tagger, try this: var midi_tl; function ff() { document.getElementById("__midi").setAttribute("fan","1"); midi_tl = new TimelineMax({paused: "true"}); midi_tl.set(document.getElementById("__midi"),{fan:"1",width:100}) midi_tl.play(); console.log(document.getElementById("__midi").getAttribute("fan")) }
  14. Victor Work

    wave on image

    I believe this effect has been done with a WebGL library, it can be ThreeJs or PixiJs. This site was made by one of the members @jesper.landberg here of the forum. But you can use GSAP to animate the values that the Distortion Filter animation performs.
  15. You're completely correct Blake, I need to study the vanilla and so increase my level in javascript. I'm going to be a fan of your recommendation, and I'm going to study those thoughts that you sent me, I'll soon be back on the topic with a demonstration that will make you proud. ?