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  1. Hi @Kamran Are you still looking for help? I've sent you a direct message. Regards, Philip
  2. Hi Vicki, Landing page looking great! I've. sent you an email. Regards, Philip
  3. @OSUblake Good point, tested it here: gsap.ticker.add(stage.update.bind(stage)); Works. https://codepen.io/warkentien2/pen/MWpKEaP
  4. @Cassie , no problem. Let me explain The gsap v3 docs for Easel https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/EaselPlugin has the following segment: //setup a "tick" event listener so that the EaselJS stage gets updated on every frame/tick gsap.ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage.update, stage); stage.update(); If we try to run it, it doesn't work. Why? The solution is on this other gsap v3 doc page. https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/gsap.ticker Which I only found the connection via this post. After googling for a while. I only asked for a code snippet update to properly reflect
  5. @ZachSaucier it took me a few hours to find this info. Could someone update the docs? https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/EaselPlugin Maybe also throw in a `easel: { alpha: 0 }` line in there to replace opacity. I figure most people will start connecting easel + gsap using this tutorial https://createjs.com/getting-started/easeljs Thanks!
  6. Hi Vadbiz, This is definitely something for gsap's ScrollTrigger (https://greensock.com/scrolltrigger/) You might want to fine tune it with gsap's Innertia (https://greensock.com/inertia/) Key words to look for: - scroll vertical snap into sections - parallax And for the main hero, you'll need to animate a clip-path Here's a thread about it Start looking at the docs for https://greensock.com/scrolltrigger/ I'm confident you can get very far. If you really need some help, I DM'd you my personal information. Regards
  7. Hi, I love the challenging animation! I've sent you a direct message. Regards, Philip
  8. Hi, I've sent you a direct message.
  9. Hi Mariana, I've sent you a direct message. Regards, Philip
  10. Hi JasImpala, I've sent you a direct message. Regards
  11. Hello,  I was wondering if you are available for some timeline/storytelling animations for a website homepage that will need to be done on a short timeline.  If so would I be able to see a portfolio of your work?  



  12. Hi @Sagar K, are you still looking for someone? Regards,
  13. Hi, Andressa. I would love to help you tackle this animation. I've sent you a direct message. Regards,