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  1. Hello Jack, we've just submitted an update to codecanyon which includes the information about the Club Greensock Plugins. This should make it clear that our users are not allowed to use the bonus plugin source in their projects outside of our WordPress plugin or customize it. We've included links to the corresponding club and license websites on greensock.com so users can purchase their own membership, if they want to customize or use club greensock plugins in their other projects.
  2. Hello fellow animators, if you were previously looking on how to integrate Greensock into a WordPress Website, you have come to the right place. Today we launched AnimateWP, a WordPress animation plugin which is completely based on Greensock. You get the whole power of Greensock animations (browser compatibility, performance, advanced sequencing and all the other great features) without writing a single line of code. The plugin takes care of everything while you implement your timelines and animations on the graphical interface in the WordPress backend. Currently we have implemented almost every property you can animate with GSAP and are already working on implementing the powerful Club Greensock Plugins (like ScrambleText, SplitText and others) in the near future. DrawSVG is already available in AnimateWP. Moreover AnimateWP allows you to trigger and control your animations by scrolling. Therefore you don't have to worry about including ScrollMagic anymore. Check it out on animatewp.yourneeds.at or explore the docs.