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  1. @Carl Hi man, thx for huge and complex answer and for time you have spent with it. I think you are right and I will go function solution which you have suggested. Next time I will go for simple demo, not cutout of my code, sorry about that
  2. @Dipscom thx for an answer, I will look on my code once again, but I need different actions on different button clicks, so I think I need more timelines, just do no propagate them during page onload.
  3. I solved my problem, but it is a bit strange. First of all I changed order of my timelines to tlMeetingFormClose tlOnlineFormClose tlMeetingForm tlOnlineForm at that works bcs even when I have all timelines seted as "paused" it stil somehow propagate, I think this is bcs of lack of my knowlegy in GSAP topics maybe this is natural behavior, but i expected it will not do a signel stuff, but it do final state of animation without animation 8) Last I changed timeline.play() to .restart and created some init timeline bcs of styling whole page
  4. Hi, i do some basic mistake in my code, please look to my codepen. You will see in result title/subtitle than empty hole and at the end two closing links. But I wanted to have visible some form/marketing stuff which i call .js-main-boxies and hidden divs with classes .js-cta-form1 and .js-cta-form2. My timelines are paused by default, so question is why I see broken version and not correct one? pen is without CSS so problem can not be in that. When you remove timelines tlMeetingFormClose and tlOnlineFormClose it works, but of course closing functions not. Interesting is that when you click on "form 1 close", than click on "click 1" you will see posibility of clicking to "form 1 close", but it is not working. Any help or advice appreciated thx
  5. thx that works. Now I know I have to cut my projejct to more scenes, but this helped me
  6. Hi, I am working with GSAP + ScrollMagic. There in codepen when you scroll to bottom you can see "eating animation" it is sprite animation based upon shifting background. Well my problem is visible when "burger is gone" and you try to scroll up. You will see backward animation of eating which in my case is not what I want. Is there a way how to play some animations only in "one way"? Idealy completly avoid "eating" animation when you go up. I tried to google it and search, but without result, if it is already answered please send me link. Thx