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  1. Ok after a series of tests by disabling / enabling various CSS properties indeed you were right if I remove background-attachment: fixed; then the result ends up being the same on both mobile and desktop (tiny scaled images everywhere instead of expected result).
  2. Indeed you're right, if I do I definitely will Just wanted your opinion on it, I saw from the docs there was multiple ways to achieve the same result ^^
  3. Oh that's weird ! I'm using : Samsung Galaxy 8+ Chrome 79 Android 9 Thanks for pointing me out to background-attachment, I indeed didn't know ! Sadly though, from the example I started from, it kinda looked mandatory for correct positioning (but again, I'm newbie when it comes to CSS). It's also confusing because https://caniuse.com/#feat=background-attachment states it as supported on Chrome for Android 79. Thanks a lot for your amazing work, support and being so reactive 😊 If you allow me one more question, does the way I use repeatRefresh with a function is a proper way to do with GSAP ?
  4. Ok you're right I've made 2 clumsy 😅videos to show my point but sadly I can't upload them (more than 0.49Mb). I was looking to do some kind of glitch / "flickerish" effect, similar to the typical horror movie's effect with flickerish TV screen or to the 0:13 to 0:17 seconds of this video of Cyberpunk 2077 with their logo. If you can visualize the result on desktop Chrome browser that's what I intended to do (subtle glitches on the image by moving around some parts of the image randomly, similar to the example I started from). But if you visualize it on mobile browser it's actually completely different (being instead like tiny scaled copies of the main image moving around) and not what I expected. I agree with you on this point, it's hardly noticeable except on larger screen and only add a subtle touch but not much actually.
  5. Hi guys ! I made a sample using the latest GSAP 3.1.1 and Vue.js 2.6.11, I must admit I haven't done any web in years and I was wondering why it displays correctly on the browser while effect on the divs' background is quite different. I know it's probably quite a lame question, probably related to some CSS properties not being supported on mobile, but I couldn't figure out which one(s) by looking at Chrome developer console and thought that you guys might surely know at first sight. Any hint would be very much appreciated 😊