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  1. Thanks guys,
    with your comments our customer could get convinced that it is not a good idea to blur a 500kb image. They still wanted it and I ended up doing it the dirtiest way I could imagine, but it works fine.


    What we do now is crossfading a blurred image and an unblurred version. No code example, because I think this should not reproduce.

    This comment is meant as a thank you. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Hi guys,
    I  created a quick codepen, because I wanted to see if I can "unblur" any html element I desire. I can't see the error in my thinking, why doesn't my linked codepen work?


    What should happen? A blured text should unblur
    What happens? Nothing

    See the Pen WgOZYv by nahilep (@nahilep) on CodePen

  3. Whooops, so I left out the most important part, sorry for that.


    I have a queue of symbols which I loop over. (symbols in the click-callback)


    Each symbol "scores" by calling the score function which increases the property of the same name in the _scores object.

    Then I build a timeline, which shows the scoring. In this simple copdepen, it scales one of the div's shortly for basic scoring. Next there are multiple things being checked in my app, this I simplified to just a check if the score is greater than 2 in the codepen. If the score is greater than 2 it should rotate the div in question, which doesnt happen, because the tweens of the timeline in scoreTween() are build at a point in time, when the callbacks to score() haven't happend yet and thus the score is still 0.


    What's really happening is a lot more. jquery Objects are created, classes changed to active and a lot more, also the conditions are a lot more diverse in my app. But if I can solve this problem of the codepen, I think I am good.


    Sorry for not explaining my problem well.




    P.S.: I forked the codepen and changed it to the other approach I was mentioning briefly: 

    See the Pen KqaKjg by nahilep (@nahilep) on CodePen

    This plays all animations at once, since the callbacks have all zero duration and so are inserted all at the beginning of the timeline.

  4. Hi,

    I am very new to webpack, so my suggestion might not be best practice.


    I would suggest you install gsap as a npm module and add 

    resolve: {
        modules: [
            path.resolve(__dirname, 'src')

    to your webpack config. This way webpack can resolve your own stuff (located under ./src) and npm-modules.


    This works fine for me and doesn't need anything else in webpack-config


    Hope that helps,


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  5. Hi Forum,

    I need your help to tackle a problem. I want to build a timeline which depends on the state of my app. The thing is, that the timeline also changes the state of the app.


    The linked codepen shows my problem. This is a very simplified version of it. It happens a lot more, but I think if I can solve this I can resolve the rest, too.


    I already identified the Problem:

    timeline.addCallback(score, null, [symbol]);

    is called when the timline reaches the point, where this callback is inserted, but


    is created at the begin of the timeline (where all scores are 0)


    I hope someone knows a better approach, as I am sure, this might not be the right way to do that.


    If I add scoreTween as a callback i have the problem, that it tweens, but since callbacks have a zero duration all following timelines are inserted at the exact same place.

    I understand why all this is happening, but I can't find a workaround, that works.


    Hope you can help me out,


    See the Pen MobNgm by nahilep (@nahilep) on CodePen

  6. Hello all,

    I am having a tiny problem with a tween in a timeline which after it stopped shoud repeat after some other tweens are done.

    The codepen I created illustrates the problem.


    What I want:
    1. red box animates and stops
    2. blue box animates and stops
    3. red box reruns and stops


    What I get:
    1. ----

    2. blue box animates and stops
    3. red box reruns and stops

    I am pretty sure, that it is just a concept I am not aware of and the fix would be rather simple, but I can't figure it out.
    (I tried to find a related Problem, but didnt have the right query, so appologies if this has been answered before)

    See the Pen oZKEyg by anon (@anon) on CodePen