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  1. Thank you so much! I alway have problems with seeing missing letters or other small mistakes. Thank you once again!
  2. Thank you for your quick response. I made all changes You was suggested and now I have such a error in console: window[outFn] is not a function. Ealier there wasn't any error.. https://github.com/katubrd/page-transition
  3. Can anyone know where the problem is? I would be very grateful! I understand that it is easier to check the code on codepen but such problems arise when I write the code outside .. https://github.com/katubrd/page-transition (with Sahil amendments).
  4. Thank you for answer, I made this changes but still doesn't work..
  5. Hi, I have struggling with my javascript code. I trying to do nice page transition using GSAP, but I don't know why my buttons don't react on click event. Could anyone be so nice and check my code? https://github.com/katubrd/page-transition
  6. OMG ... I've been struggling with these for hours ... thank you very much!
  7. Thank You for the answear. I made the change You written about but I having still problem with not defined SplitText...
  8. This is a web where I try to animating headers in cosmetic section. I link all js scripts in the bottom of body tag. Any idea why SplitText doesn't works? https://katubrd.github.io/cosmetics/
  9. Hi, for me it will be moust essiest way just to put link to my github if this is not a problem?
  10. Hi, I'm just started my GreenSock Club membership and trying to use some GSAP magic on my website but I have some issues and really don't know why. I using scripts from package I downloaded from my member account, but it seems to be some error and I can't use "new SplitText" because isn't defined. What I can doing wrong?