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  1. Thanks Jack for sharing your perpective. I'm a huge proponent of function first before design. There web is saturated with diverse content info clutter and I think it has reached a tipping point that users will demand specific content on a specialized app. They will download apps if they find the subject compelling enough to go on the extra hurdle to learn more. Again thanks for the awesome product that made people without exotic programming background do amazing things.
  2. I'm might have similar project and I am advocating creating apps for mobile and tablet to access content and flash player in browser when viewed in desktop. Both then will have similar as3 source files with mobile and tablet animation handlers perhaps. Users nowadays would be more incline to see rich media content as native app than in browser when consuming content in tablet or smartphone anyway. What are u guys' thought on that approach?
  3. I'm have no experience with Adobe Air and I might have a project coming-up that involves AIR. When I publish one of my existing into a SWF file, I don't get an error, But when I publish/test movie it in AIR, I get the error below. I looked around cross-domain to address issue but I'm still not getting any luck. Just wondering if you can point me to what to look for to address this is. TIA, Gerry Time for me to renew my green status [sWF] main.swf - 265985 bytes after decompression SecurityError: Error #3207: Application-sandbox content cannot access this feature. at flash.system::Security$/allowDomain() at com.greensock.loading.core::DisplayObjectLoader/_load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/DisplayObjectLoader.as] at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/LoaderCore.as] at com.greensock.loading::LoaderMax/_loadNext()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/LoaderMax.as] at com.greensock.loading::LoaderMax/_load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/LoaderMax.as] at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/LoaderCore.as] at com.axiate::DeviceUI()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/axiate/DeviceUI.as] at main()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/main.as] [unloadSWF] main.swf Test Movie terminated.
  4. I'm trying to play a sound effect by calling a function from an onStart parameter of TweenMax. I wanted the sound to play on every timeline.append I listed but it only play once. Code goes: private var sound:MP3Loader; ... sound = new MP3Loader("audio/on.mp3", {name:"flare", autoPlay:false, estimatedBytes:12000}); ... timeline.append(new TweenMax(CD["faceplate"], 0.25, {alpha:.5, rotationX:0, onStart:toggleSound})); timeline.append(new TweenMax(CD["eye_socket"], 0.25, {alpha:0.6,rotationX:0, y:CDy["eye_socket"], onStart:toggleSound})); timeline.append(new TweenMax(CD["tab_right"], 0.45, {alpha:0.6,y:CDy["tab_right"], ease:Bounce.easeInOut, onStart:toggleSound}), -.25); timeline.append(new TweenMax(CD["tab_left"], 0.45, {alpha:0.6,y:CDy["tab_left"], ease:Bounce.easeInOut, onStart:toggleSound}), -.25); ... private function toggleSound():void { sound.playSound(); } I might be missing something here so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Gerry
  5. Thanks I just got it too and about to post it here ! parent.parent.parent did it. Ur right, it is device's child.
  6. Thanks Jack for the quick response! Based in ur hierarchy, parent.parent should work, but still no luck. Here's what I have: Main.as package { public class Main extends MovieClip{ public var device:Sprite = new Sprite ; public function Main():void{ init(); addChild(device); } public function init():void{ subUI = new SWFLoader("External.swf",{name:section, container:device, centerRegistration:true, x: X, y: Y, //estimatedBytes:10300, autoPlay:false, onProgress: subUIProgress, onComplete: subUIComplete}); subUI.load(); Loaded = true; isOn = true; } public function FunctionTest():void{ trace("Function Test"); } } } External.swf on 50th frame from the action panel, I wrote: if (parent.parent is MovieClip) { var par:MovieClip = MovieClip(parent.parent); par.FunctionTest(); } stop(); There's really no actionscript in the loaded SWF except for the last frame which I wrote above.
  7. I have an SWF with timeline animation loaded via Loadermax and I'm trying to access a method inside my Main Document Class from the 50th frame in my loaded SWF but no luck so far. I tried putting MovieClip(parent.parent) in the 50th frame and if (parent is MovieClip) { // downcast parent to MovieClip assinging // it to a new variable var par:MovieClip = MovieClip(parent); // or: parent as MovieClip; par.funcText(); } and no luck so far. Anybody know a way to do this. TIA Gerry
  8. Just plain amazing! Thanks for teh blazing fast response and update. U da man!
  9. First of all, thanks for putting this together. This probably is a newb question, how do you set a timeScale when using tweenTo in TimelineMax. I'm doing something like: myTimelineMax.tweenTo("my_frame_label"{timeScale:4}); <--Tried it but didn't seem to change the timeScale TIA, Donated $50, this very helpful -G