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  1. Thanks for moderating! Y'all are super helpful.
  2. Hi Carl, I was addressing the topic of obfuscating code, which 'Vic_' raised September of last year. The Web forum I was referring to was *this forum*. I wouldn't say that this is a dead thread, by any means - 9 months? But you're right, I didn't make it clear who / what I was responding to. It's not matter - in fact, I should have just not posted. But I really benefit from code forums like these - as well as code sharing sites like codepen and github - and got defensive at the idea, which I had to deal with in the past all the time, that obfuscating code has some sort of personal benefit (in Vic_'s case, the idea that he'd get more money) that outweighs the huge benefits of working collaboratively. I'll let the thread die now. It's certainly better handled on a site like stackoverflow than it is here!
  3. Obfuscating your code is short-sighted. If you think you need to do this for the Web, you're missing the point. If you've programmed something so wonderful that you deserve all the credit for it, first of all, congratulations! Secondly, put it on GitHub or a Version Control system, and share it with the world. You'll never advance in the programming world by obsessively hiding your code, you'll waste 20% of your time obfuscating, and for what? So you can get paid more? Good luck with that, man. Computer Science majors used to obsessively compete to see who could make a script as concise as possible. JavaScript programmers in GreenSock are dependent on the Web, which is based on open source technologies. I hated the CS approach, as it presented programming as an individual exercise in problem-solving. If you've ever programmed in a business environment, you probably know that working on your own is very rare. My point is that, in addition to all of the code used to make the Web being open-source, Web programmers enjoy and support a community of sharing that negates the old approach of individual competition. If you want to obfuscate your code, go learn C++ or something that uses a compiler. Go dust off a ****** old Flash project. But don't try to obfuscate your Web code. And please don't use an open Web forum, where programmers share coding techniques, to argue for code obfuscation. So you can make more money. This is a space for sharing code, not obfuscating.
  4. I followed along with a post by Lea Verou to animate an SVG pie chart: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/07/designing-simple-pie-charts-with-css/ (scroll down to 'SVG Solution') ...and I thought the easiest way to animate it would be by adjusting the stroke width. Your example is great, but it's much too complicated for the Undergraduates I'm teaching. I've only just introduced them to JS this Semester, so I'm not trying to make a chart that dynamically changes with data input, but rather one with pre-set values that animates its pie 'slices' once the DOM loads. Thanks for your idea, though.
  5. I'd like this feature to be implemented so I can animate an SVG pie chart.