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  1. Dear Jack, thank you. I have one Problem found. "snap" does not run. "liveSnap" runs. When I have a misunderstanding please extend your codepen. Hans
  2. Hi Jack, thank you for your input. I think, I solved my problems. Sorry for the 700+ lines. I don't want and never expect that you analyze this code. But now I create a very compact codepen (Draggable / d3). With 127 lines "js", 0 lines "css", 0 lines "html". I think this codepen is also helpful for other people. It's "pure" JavaScript with no line "css" and no line "html". Your demo has 157 lines (101 "js", 33 "css" and 23 "html). Including "blank lines, sorry. My Solution runs perfectly. Some questions: 1. I need for dragging f
  3. Interesting. I expect an Error. But it runs with draggable.js without problems. Thank you for this proposal. It runs with no problems. I changed "onPress" with "onClick" and delete the Code-Line with "this.startdrag(rt)". Two additional questions: 1. when I "drag" with the mouse or fingers a rotation of 100 degrees "Darggable" will return a rotation value of approximately 60 degrees. Is it possible to return the 100 % instead of 60%? 2. onClick position, smoothly change from the old position to the new position. Can you give me an ex
  4. Hi Jack, following Questions are open: 1. Is the Draggable.min.js / Draggable.js error reproduce-able ? And some additional questions: 2. Position-by-tap smooth rotation to the new position. In your proposed example there is a "jump" to the new positon. Who you extend the solution, that a smooth rotations will be down ? 3. Differentiate between "short tap" and "tap-and-move" Variant 3.1: A "short tap" should rotatate smoothly" to the new "tapped position" Variant 3.2: In some cases I want suppre
  5. Dear Greensock Support, please answer .? Thanks Hans
  6. Dear Jack, I want reproduce this error in a reduced test case, based on your codepen (https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/dZYWEY). But I failed. My example - with members-only downloaded files - I cannot build on codepen. You need the codepen pro license. My error is only reproduce-able on iOS. I want, that you test only following simple test-case (with the complex code) to verify if the posted error is reproduce-able. You have only following steps, based on my HTML-example: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="de"> <head> <meta ch
  7. HI JACK, HI SAHIL, after longer interrupt time my example runs - thanks your help. My problem was, that the "this.rotationOrigin" is implemented only in the latest version of the Greensock-Library". I need longer to realize this. In my Application it runs the feature "Positioned by Mouse-Click" on a MAC with Safari or Chrome, always with the newest updates on all levels. But my Application on the iPad - with "Touch Interface" it doesn't run the feature "Positioned by Finger-Tap". Here my example on the end of this posting (sorry it is complex). Here it ru
  8. Dear Sahil, dear Greensock support, i learned that I have exactly define what I want: I want a callback function that returns the rotation position where I touched (not dragged) the wheel. e.g.: .onTouchwithoutDrag or .onTouchwithoutMove or .onTap or .onClick. (.onClick exists, but with annother functionality). THIS IS THE SAME REQUIREMENT DEFINITION - IN OTHER WORDS - AS YOU (SAHIL) POSTED ON MONDAY 11:03 AM. All other input should only be a more detailed explanation. I hope that this is more clear. I do not want a UI functionality. T
  9. my viewpoint is: we need a draggable KNOB in 2 variants: - one with the greensock's functionality (its a knob that spins) - a second with the functionality of https://radmie.github.io/ng-knob/ (this is, what needed functionality I described) From my point of view is this functionality with low manpower possible to build in Draggable-alternate (=working name) When you look in the code from ng-knob. you need only few lines-of-code. To combine this functionality global is a hard way and only necessary in some preselected parts,
  10. Sorry, noone from greensock can help? Hans
  11. Thank you for your idea's. I also think that GreenSock need to clarify this. My expectation is a integrated functionality, comparable with ng-knob. The other alternative is, that I implement it with the same logic as ng-knob. I think it is d3.js I have to explore it. The svg's in my example based on d3 v4. Hans
  12. I don't find an example from the draggable knob that does following (based on my codepen live example): - knob is on position 15 percent - I tap (touch) on position 70 percent - knob moves to position 70 percent It is only possible to tap and move (drag) to that position. I don't find anything in your docu. A "simple" answer from you will be "tap or touch" is not "drag". But this doesn't help me. A link that explains what I want. https://radmie.github.io/ng-knob/ My link to my codepen live example. I want only show the mi
  13. Now I reduced my code again. I have insert always 'absolute'. Nothing change as I want. Hans PS: I add this also direct in CSS. You are right. Than it is O K: But I want use it without CSS: How I insert the identical in javascript?
  14. please can you help me. what is not right on my svg graphic (via snap.js). why the circles not overlap ? Hans
  15. My problem is, that my new knob from my posting (2;28 PM) is no SVG. Its build only with HTML "<DIV>"s. See the link to the codepen. Hans